This week we’ve all been trying out some remote control cars! Its a little bit tricky to work especially when the cars crash in to things. Its taken us a little while to remember that when we crash we need to press a different button in stead of picking up the car and moving it. It’s been great fun!

The house of straw!

We have been reading The Three Little Pigs. We have really enjoyed the story, we all join in reading the story, we all did some drawing, we acted out the story and now we are trying out making the houses.

The straw was really tricky to build with and didn’t make a good house at all! It was really fun to explore though. We all thought it smelt quite nice too, just like grass!

We’re back!

It has been so nice to have everyone back in nursery including some new friends to get to know! It’s been a little scary getting used to all the new changes and remembering to wash are hands as often as we can. But we’ve had a great start to the year, everyone has got stuck in keeping busy exploring every activity. Our days are passing by so quickly just because of how much fun we’re having!


Since we currently can’t use a lot of our outdoor toys, we decided to find something new to play with. So far our bubbles have given us hours of entertainment and learning!

We’ve learnt how to carefully blow to make bubbles, we’ve tried chasing and catching the biggest ones, we tried counting how many we could see, and we tried to see who could blow the biggest bubble!

First day back

Today was the first day back in our classroom for some of our nursery children. It was a little different, strange really but we didn’t make a fuss. Instead we all got on with what we do best, being messy!

Despite all the change we ended up having a lovely afternoon. We got creative and spent a lot of time decorating our very own desks using our own resources. They look fantastic!

We also managed to get some time outside in the lovely sunshine before the rain hit! We again got creative and tried to make our playgroup super colourful! Although I fear it may have been washed away now!

Sport Relief

We all dressed very sporty and got active for Sport Relief. We challenged ourselves to run laps around the running track for 12 minutes and see how many laps we could do.

We started off by doing some stretching!

Then we were ready to run!

Morning nursery managed 11 laps, afternoon nursery managed 10. Well done everyone!

Big drawing!

We’ve been doing some super big drawings! We had a really good think about what to draw and used our favourite stories to help us. A brown pen? Oh lets draw the gingerbread man! A green pen? We could draw a giant Beanstalk!

World book day

Happy World Book Day! We decided to celebrate by looking at the story The Gruffalo. We all absolutely loved the story! We made some beautiful collage pictures of The Gruffalo characters, and went on a hunt to find all the hidden Gruffalo in the classroom!

We finished the day off by sharing our favourite stories from home with our friends.

Magic Beans!

Would you believe it? we found some magic beans! We were so exited!

We decided to have a good look at them!

We quickly gathered what we needed to plant them with!

We worked together to plant them.

We can’t wait to see what magic happens when they grow!