This week we have all planted our own Jack and the Beanstalk inspired beans! WE cant wait to watch them grow!

We learnt that our beans will need plenty of water and sunlight to help them grow. We also learnt that the seed had to be put in the soil in a special way to give it the best chance of growing!

Animal Pasta

This weeks cooking was centennially popular!

We had some animal shaped pasta in some yummy tomato sauce. We spotted an elephant, a turtle, and a lion in our pasta!

Almost everyone ate up every bite! yum!

Chinese New Year

We’ve had a fantastic time learning about how Chinese New Year is Celebrated, Some of us had a go at making Chinese instruments and we all worked together to make a big Chinese dragon.

We also sampled some Chinese food, the chop sticks were very tricky to use but we all had a really good try!

Sensory play

We’ve began our journey in learning all about shapes. Today we used our lightbox to explore the first shapes we are looking at. We looked at a circle, triangle, square, and a rectangle. We counted all the sides and talked about what made them different too.

Learning Journey

We work very hard here in FS1 we even work hard at home by completing activities in our learning journey every week.

These super children have worked extra hard to bring back their Learning Journey every week this term! For their hard work they all received a certificate and a selection from our super special prize box.

Well done Busy Bees!

One frosty morning

Jack Frost has visited over night!

Our outside area was very frosty this morning so we decided to head out a see what we could find.

We found some crispy leaves and crunchy grass. We spotted some ice, it was super cold to touch. We also spotted how we could see our warm breath in the cold weather.

After our exploring we quickly headed inside to get nice and warm and have our milk.

A visit from an elf!

We wrote a letter to Santa asking him very nicely if we could have an elf come to visit and to our surprise one did!

This is Tinker, he is going to stay with us until Christmas and report back to Santa how good we are.

Although he is very cheeky and keeps making a mess in our classroom!