Christmas Party!

We had an absolutly fantastic time at our Christmas Party! We spent some time playing party games such as musical statues and corners we then took a break to have our yummy party food! After we finished our party by playing pass the parcel and watching Stick man just to calm down before home time.

…..SUDDENLY we began to hear bells! Miss Ashton was super brave and decided to investigate where the sound was coming from. It was such a surprise…we couldn’t believe it. SANTA HAD BEEN! He secretly snuck in to school and left presents for all of us!

Getting Party Ready!

We’re all super excited for our Christmas party! We’ve been counting down the days! To get ready we need to prepare our party food, to start with we all spent some time decorating our own buns to eat at the party. We chose between red and green icing and then picked some sprinkles to add on top! They’re going to be yummy!

Bread Tasting!

We had a great time tasting lots of yummy different kinds of bread! We had no idea that there was such a variety. We tried sugar waffles, hot cross buns, pitta bread, pain au chocolat, banana bread, and croissants. Most of us enjoyed the sugar waffles best! The hot cross buns was our least favourite.

Its Christmas!!

Today we put up our christmas tree and other lovely decorations. We all helped to do a little bit each.

Of course you can’t put up Christmas decorations without some Christmas music!


Despite the cold we all just absolutely had to get wrapped up and explore the snow! It was amazing! We didn’t spend long outside as it was super cold! once back inside we had our snack and had a chat together about what we had seen while we got warm.

Christmas Post Office!

Our Christmas Post Office is now open! We all absolutely love it! In our post office we can spend time writing special letters to Santa, designing our own Christmas cards, and using envelopes and stamps to post our work!

Christmas Door Afternoon!

On the afternoon of 2nd December, all classes across school took part in our Christmas Door Decorating Afternoon. All the children (and staff!) had a fantastically festive afternoon, listening to Christmas songs and making decorations to display on their classroom doors. The end results look amazing and have definitely made Kexborough Primary look a little more festive!

A big thankyou to all the staff and children for their hard work and ambitious designs!

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Pip the Elf!

Pip the Elf has finally arrived at nursery! He makes such a mess! Pip is going to be watching over us up to Christmas and making sure we are all on our best behaviour ready for Santa! Unfortunatly Pip keeps making a big mess in different areas of our classroom! He seems to be a little bit lonely and want to join in with all our play. We’ve all been helping by tidying up after him to show him how to play properly in our classroom!

Beans and Spaghetti contest!

Today we enjoyed tasting some beans and spaghetti hoops on toast! We spent lots of time talking about how they are the same and how they are also different! We all sat at the table really nicely and tried the foods we were comfortable with. Some of us at every bit! An some of us just preferred to have the toast. Over all we all liked the spaghetti best!