Vegetable Soup!

Today for cooking we made some yummy vegetable soup. Our friends worked together to chop up lots of healthy vegetables. We used potatoes, carrots, onions, parsnip, and a turnip. Everyone was super brave and tried the soup. Some of us liked it that much they had a second bowl!

All the Bears!

As I’m sure everyone knows now, our focus story at the moment is We’re Going on a Bear Hunt. We have all started working really hard to make our own unique bear pictures. We have started off by painting them all brown. Our next step is to add some different textures. We’re also going to take some time to create different backgrounds for our bears by picking a scene to make from the story.

Fairy Wands!

After collecting all the things we needed for our wands, we got to making them! First we cut up the leaves in to small pieces then we spread the glue on to our star shape, we stuck on the leaves and attached the stick to the back. Our final job was to add the magic, Blaze gave me some of her special fairy glitter to add to our wands to make them work.

Look how magical they turned out!

Children in Need!

Today we all dressed up to support children in need! We we’re all super kind and donated money to help other children. We spent the day doing some dancing with Pudsey, colouring in pictures and thinking about other children that may not be as lucky as we are.

We’re going on a….

In phonics we have been doing our work around the story “We’re going on a bear hunt”. We weren’t all too excited to find a bear though! We thought about what other animals we would like to find?

We had some fantastic ideas! a duck, the Gruffalo, a dog, a crocodile, a whale and even a unicorn! Look at our fantastic drawings of them! Can you guess what they all are?

The Autumn Fairy

This morning I went out for a welly walk all on my own! I cannot believe what I saw, sitting up in the tree was a fairy! She was so beautiful and told me her name was Blaze. Blaze told me she was feeling really sad because she has too much work to do! I was surprised, I didn’t know fairies had to do work. Blaze told me she is an Autumn Fairy and it is her job to help all the leaves on the trees change colour. I told her I knew some boys and girls who would be so eager to help her out.

Blaze was so happy for the help she told me how we could all make our own magic wands to help her! Our first job was to collect the things we needed. We needed 4 leaves and 1 stick. We decided to head out and find them on our welly walk.

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt!

Our focus story at the moment is We’re Going on a Bear Hunt. We are really enjoying it and already so good at joining in. Today we have been thinking about the bear in the story and coming up with words to describe him. We thought of scary, ugly, fluffy, hungry, angry, and mad!

Can you think of any more?

FS1 Tea Shop!

Today is the grand opening of our Nursery Tea Shop! Out hard working staff are eager to serve paying costumers with tea, coffee, yummy health smoothies and an assortment of biscuits and mouth-watering cakes!

Bonfire Night!

Today we have been talking about Bonfire Night. We have talked about the yummy kind of food we get to eat, the big fire you might see, and of course the fireworks! We all sat together and watched a video of some beautiful fireworks in London. When we went to play the children were so inspired by the video they decided to make their own fireworks.

Party Day!

Happy Halloween! A huge well done to everyone in FS1! We are all so proud of how well you have done this half term.

We had a super time at our party, everyone looked fantastic in there costumes! We enjoyed playing lots of party games and yummy party food too.