Sports Day!

We had a super sports day! Everyone tried really hard and followed all the instructions. To start the day we all got in to teams, picked team names and made posters!

We then started our first race, running! we then did a balancing race, jumping race, egg and spoon race and finally an obstacle course! Look how fantastic we did!

Next we did the jumping race!

Award ceremony!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar!

Our very own real live caterpillars have arrived at nursery! They’re super cute and super wiggly. We are all very excited to watch them munch down on their food, get nice a big, build their cocoon and turn in to beautiful butterflies!

Look what we found!

We were all so very surprised today to find a bird had built its nest in our toys outside! We got an even bigger surprise to see 4 baby birds sleeping in there. With some quick research and watching for the Mummy bird returning we have learnt that they are blackbirds.

Our Amazing Work!

While we’ve had our ducklings in nursery everyone has been super inspired to get busy. We enhanced our environment by including lots of resources perfectly suited to creating different ducklings.

We are absolutely amazed by the completely independent work produced by everyone! It was all just so amazing we couldn’t just fill one display we had to do 2!

Well done FS1 we are all very proud of you!

Movie day!

We had a lovely movie day with popcorn and some sweets each. Everyone sat beautifully throughout the movie and had a great time together!

In the morning we watched The Secret Life of Pets 2 and in the Afternoon we watched Peter Rabbit.

Goodbye Ducklings!

Today we said goodbye to our ducklings, Quackers, Lilly, Roxy, Puddles, and Dandalion. We have had an amazing experience watching them hatch and grow. We have all produced some amazing work around our ducklings and we are going to miss them very very much!

But no need to be sad! They are off to a wonderful home to live and explore nature. They will one day grow old enough to provide eggs for future learning experiences.

Just keep swimming!

Our little ducklings have been really enjoying their first experience of swimming! We’ve loved watching them, although we have to stand far back so we don’t get splashed!

Meet the gang!

Our Ducklings are starting to get pretty big now and are all developing their own little personalities. The children have picked all their names so we thought it was time we introduce them all!

Meet Quackers! Our first duckling, we named him this because it was our most suggested name and this cheeky little duckling is a bit quackers as he hatched during the car ride to school!

This Is Lilly are most energetic duckling! It’s almost impossible to get her to keep still! Not many children have been able to hold her yet as she’s just so fast!

This is Roxy, we decided she needed a proper Rockstar name to go with her cool look! She has become one of our most mischievous ducks and often tries to jump out the cage whenever its open!

This is Puddles, our only duckling we’ve managed to see hatch! the afternoon nursery we’re very lucky to spot! He is slowly becoming our biggest duckling and is super fluffy.

Last but not least this is our youngest but clearly most photogenic duckling Dandelion. He was only born Friday morning jus before Miss Ashton got to school. He is a lot smaller than the other ducklings so he does get scared easily, the children have not been able to hold him…yet!

Jack and the Beanstalk

We have been learning about Jack and the Beanstalk and doing lots of work around the story in phonics. All our work was just too good to not show off! Look at the fabulous display we’ve been able to put together with everyone’s work!

New Addition!

Introducing Puddles! Our first all yellow duckling! The afternoon nursery we’re very very lucky and got to watch Puddles hatch yesterday just before home time. He has spent the night in the incubator to get dry and has now joined his friends in the brooding cage. He is a little wobbly and keeps falling over and he very much loves cuddles!