We have been reading Goldilocks and the three Bears. So today we decided to draw one of the bears! We all worked very hard, practiced taking our time and tried our best to colour in the lines. Our pictures turned out FABULOUS!

Fruit Salad!

Today we tasted some yummy fruit salad! We used fruit that was a little different and not what were all used to getting at school. We had, melon, pineapple, plumbs, grapes, and blueberries. We also had the option of some yummy vanilla yoghurt to go on top. It was really fun to try new food!

Seaside Pictures!

We’ve spent the week working together to make different seaside pictures to go up on our new display. We’ve all worked very hard and used lots of different techniques to create some beautiful artwork!

Music Interaction!

We all love to get involved in our music interaction songs! They’re all so much fun. We use instruments and props to sing different songs. We listen carefully to the words so we know just was actions to do!

Building the brick house!

In phonics we had a go at building a house of bricks like one of of The Three Little Pigs. We decided it was much stronger than the straw or sticks. There was no way the big bad wolf would be able to blow these houses down!


The children worked very hard to make their own sandwiches! Everyone got to pick from cheese or ham. We then were allowed to pick some salad to add if we wanted it. We could choose lettuce, cucumber, or tomatoes. The sandwiches all looked super yummy!

Wet and rainy welly walk!

What a horrible rainy day it was! Luckily our morning children still managed to get out for a quick walk in the rain, everyone was very sensible and listened well to instructions. Sadly the weather was too bad for afternoon nursery to get out this week.

Hopefully next week will be better!