Today for cooking we each made our own pizza! They were so yummy! Our classroom smelt amazing! We first spread out the tomato on our pizza base, then we added the cheese and picked some toppings. We got to choose from ham, peppers, and sweetcorn. Some of us even had all 3! Then they were off in to the oven so we could enjoy them all together. So many children ate up every bit!

Pudsey Bear day!

Everyone came to nursery in the most beautiful pudsey bear and spotty gear! We all looked fab and helped to raise a lot of money to help others.

We spent the day getting active dancing with Pudsey, we made our own Pudsey bear masks, and did some beautiful colouring!

Did you know?

For children of nursery age it is actually part of our curriculum to recognise familiar signs and logos! We don’t need to understand the letters to spot what it is. Such as Mcdonalds! We all know when we see that big yellow M it means Mcdonalds!

In nursery we have a display up with lots of logos we might see, do you recognise any of them?

We’re going on a bear hunt!

It turns out the bear from our story was actually very friendly! He didn’t want to hurt anyone but in fact he just wanted to play. To show us just how nice he really is he brought some of his friends to school to play hide and seek with us! It was so much fun, we found 6 of them hiding around outside!

Jam tasting!

We had been having a little chat about different jams and what fruit they are made from so we decided to taste some! We tried Strawberry, blackberry, raspberry, and marmalade. Everyone tried a little bit of each jam on some bread and then we voted which was our favourite! Overall everyone really enjoyed the blackberry jam the most!

Bonfire night!

This week we have been learning all about Bonfire Night. We have been learnign about why we celebrate it and what we might do or see on Bonfire night. We watched some videos of amazing fireworks displays and shared stories with each other of the fireworks we had seen at home.

We really wanted to set off some fireworks at school so we could all see them together, sadly that would be a little too dangerous! So instead we made some beautiful firework pictures. We used watery icing sugar and bright paint to makes some magical firework art! We have them all hung up in nursery at the moment, they really brighten up the room!


Todays welly walk was so much fun! Autumn has arrived and all of the leaves have fallen off the trees! We had a lot of fun playing in a the leaves and exploring how many different colours we could find.

We were wondering if there were any trees left that still had green leaves on them, we had a good look around and managed to find two green trees! We thought they looked a little bit like Christmas trees!

Pumpkin contest WINNERS!

Mrs Ellis very kindly said she would select a winner for our pumpkin contest. She had a good look through all the pictures and found it so so hard to choose as they were all just fantastic! But just 2 had to be picked ready to be carved on to our actual pumpkins.

The winners are…