Contest entries!

We are having a pumpkin designing contest! There will be one winner from the morning and one from the afternoon. The winners will have their design carved in to our real pumpkins tomorrow!

Look at the amazing entries we’ve had! Well done everyone, they all look amazing!


Today we had a look at our pumpkins. We felt how heavy they we’re and how smooth the skin was before we got them ready to be carved.

Miss Ashton carefully cut off the top ready to scoop out the insides. We we’re all pretty surprised when we looked inside. We really did not like the smell! Disgusting!

Everyone had a turn at scooping out some of the pumpkin most of us found it yucky!

Happy Halloween!

We are all ready for Halloween in FS1!

The children have been enjoying casting spells in our witches kitchen, mixing up potions in our lab, cutting out spooky shapes in play dough, and exploring our creepy crawly small world set up!

Number blocks!

We had a drawing Number blocks 1 and 2. Everyone was given a red or orange pen and challenged to draw the right number block. Look how fantastic they turned out!

The Second Little Pig!

The second little pig build his house from sticks! Today we had a go at making our own stick houses. It was so much easier than straw! We we’re able to to include a door this time and even some windows. It was also much easier to build a roof this time.

The Big Bad Wolf!

In phonics we have been reading The Three Little Pigs. Today we have been thinking about our most popular character, the big bad wolf! We have all decided he is not a good character and decided to think of different words to describe him. We came up with some super ideas. Bad, mean, silly, funny, sneaky, and greedy! Can you think of any more?

Yummy Fruit!

Today we haven’t done our usual baking we’ve focused on the best part..the tasting! We had a selection of and very different looking fruit to taste. We started off by having a really good look at them all, the colour, shape, and how they felt. We then cut them open to have a look inside! We found lots of seeds in our different fruit, some were tiny and one was enormous! After exploring we all got on to tasting, everyone was super brave and tried everything even if it was just a little lick!

We are artists!

In phonics we have be reading The Three Little Pigs. We have been learning lots about the characters in the story. Today we all had a go at drawing one of the little pigs. We thought about everything that needed to be included, a big round nose, pointed ears and a curly tail! Look how fantastic they turned out!

Sports Day!

We had a super sports day! Everyone tried really hard and followed all the instructions. To start the day we all got in to teams, picked team names and made posters!

We then started our first race, running! we then did a balancing race, jumping race, egg and spoon race and finally an obstacle course! Look how fantastic we did!

Next we did the jumping race!

Award ceremony!