One frosty morning

Jack Frost has visited over night!

Our outside area was very frosty this morning so we decided to head out a see what we could find.

We found some crispy leaves and crunchy grass. We spotted some ice, it was super cold to touch. We also spotted how we could see our warm breath in the cold weather.

After our exploring we quickly headed inside to get nice and warm and have our milk.

A visit from an elf!

We wrote a letter to Santa asking him very nicely if we could have an elf come to visit and to our surprise one did!

This is Tinker, he is going to stay with us until Christmas and report back to Santa how good we are.

Although he is very cheeky and keeps making a mess in our classroom!

A Letter from Santa

This week saw the grand opening of Kexborough Nursery’s Post Office and to properly get in to the spirit of things we decided to write a letter together to the one and only Santa!

We worked together to think of questions to ask and of course the question we decided on was “Will you come and visit us?”

We arrived to a big surprise when we saw that Santa had sent us a letter back! Hes a little too busy to visit us right now but he asked if we would like an Elf to come and visit. Which of course we eagerly accepted!


You can count on us we’re the numberblocks!

We’ve been gaining a deeper understanding of numbers, with help from the numberblocks!

So far we have met 1, 2, and now 3. Look how well we did at making the Numberblocks!

Children in Need

BBC Children in Need exists to change the lives of disadvantaged children and young people across the UK. Their vision is that every child in the UK has a safe, happy and secure childhood and the chance to reach their potential.

BBC Children in Need is currently supporting over 2,800 projects in communities across the UK that are helping children and young people facing a range of disadvantages such as living in poverty, being disabled or ill, or experiencing distress, neglect or trauma. In the last grant year alone, support has helped change the lives of over 589,000 disadvantaged children and young people, right here in the UK.

Today, our children dressed up and brought in a voluntary contribution which will all be set off to Pudsey and his team. We raised a fantastic £202.10 so thank you to everybody that contributed.

We’re going on a bear hunt!

We can’t go over it, we can’t go under it. Oh no! We’ve got to go through it!

We have been busy in nursery makeing story maps of the ‘We’re going on a bear hunt”. We worked together to remember the story, using the book to help us. We started at the beginning and drew pictures of different parts of the story right to the end!

Welly Walk Wednesday

We’re going on a bear hunt we’re going to catch a big one, what a beautiful day. We’re not scared!

Would you believe it, We had a bear visit our school and he brought all his friends to play hide and seek!

We were all very brave and used our best investigation skills to seek out the bears hiding around the school! We listened carefully for sounds, and had a really careful look all around us.

We found six bears!

Sugar Crystal Sparklers

To celebrate science week we decided to be scientists and carry out our own experiment!

We started with boiling hot water, which we were very careful not to touch. We then added a cup of sugar and all helped to mix it until it had all dissolved which seemed like magic! We then added some food colouring and watched as the water changed colour. We dipped a lolly pop stick into the water and then worked together to sprinkle sugar on to the wet end. Next we had to cool the water down, thanks to a clever suggestion to put it in the fridge, the water was cool in no time.

We have left the lolly pop sticks dipped in the water to wait and see if our crystals grow!

Exploring Pumpkins

We have been exploring pumpkins in FS1. We all tried to hold the pumpkins but they were very heavy! We felt the smooth skin on the outside too. We then carefully took off the top of the pumpkin, it smelt very strong, some children thought it smelt like strawberries. We then worked as a team to scoop out all the insides of the pumpkin, it was very slimy. We saved all the seeds from our pumpkins to use later and used the pumpkins as decoration for our Halloween party!