Handa’s Surprise

This week we have read a book set in Africa called Handa’s Surprise. The children have loved learning about African animals and how the village in the story is so different to Kexborough. We have watched clips from Jungle Book 2 to help us with our understanding too.. We have also got a new toy in our small world ‘safari’ so we have been learning about safari holidays in Africa.

Work to be proud of

We have been talking about doing work in our play that makes us feel proud; work that we have thought about, taken time over and put in extra effort. Admire some of this work below…

A wedding cake decorated with sugar.

Look at the detail in the people and animals.
The focus needed to write cursively.
using different media to add detail.
A castle decorated with shells, stones and sticks – even a shell bed.
Another wedding cake with small detail.
Practising every Set 1 sound takes concentration.


We have been reading ‘The Scarecrow’s Wedding’ in which the two scarecrow’s Betty and Harry make a wedding list. We have been practising writing a shopping list using our sounds and we have been reading a nature list of things to collect. Please practise writing lists at home too!

Outdoor theatre

Our outdoor play this afternoon ended up at the theatre! Children used steps for the stage and crates for seats. Very bravely they took turns to perform a song or dance and a couple of girls took over my role as compère.

We’re on a mission to get the farmer healthy!

We have been reading a story about a lazy farmer – Farmer Duck. The farmer stays in bed all day eating chocolates and reading the newspaper while a duck does all the work. We think the farmer should get healthy so we have been choosing healthy food for his fridge and we have been writing a shopping list of healthy food. We have allowed him some treats though…


We are learning to be efficient in our overall understanding of number.

We are learning that when we count a group of groups, the total number is the same no matter the size, colour or type.


We have been reading Rainbow Fish – a fish with sparkling scales. We have been thinking about the word sparkling and things that are sparkly to us.

“my tights have sparkly stars.”“the stars sparkled in the sky.”

“my picture sparkled with glitter.”

Outdoor play

Fresh air is so good for our sense of well-being, feeling the sun or breeze or drizzle around us. And we all love being by the sea, don’t we? we feel a similar feeling when we play with water. Here we are building a river and having to think fast when leaks appear and we have to fix them quickly and work as a team. Look at our photos!

we’ve also enjoyed making bridges and zig zag pathways with our new decking. We needed to get to the island without stepping in the shark infested ocean!