We’re going on a Bear Hunt

We have read ‘we’re going on a bear hunt’ several times to understand the pattern in the story. We have used the pattern to write our own verse. When we were in the jungle, we chose animal noises – the tweet of the birds and the chomp of the animals eating.

Pattern everywhere!

We have been learning about different patterns; we have been describing, creating and extending patterns.

But of course, we have been learning that you can hear pattern too. We have been reading ‘We’re going on a Bear Hunt’ and noticed the pattern in language.

Why do we all know this story? Because of pattern!

Watch the author Michael Rosen perform the story on youtube.

Our house

I love this house that was built by a group of children this morning. They used the sides of the board and shelves as walls so they only needed to build two more. I particularly liked how they collaborated well to build together.


Nothing impresses me more in class than the wonderful models the children build. I know I don’t have the imagination to create such original models! More often than not, the children build in teams and to see them sharing ideas and playing cooperatively really makes me smile as it’s such an important part of their development.

Chronicle photo

This is the photo that will appear in the Chronicle -Darton edition which will be out soon. However, you can purchase the mounted print for yourself for £5. Please drop into the office if you’d like to order one.


We have been learning to understand what heavier and lighter means by comparing objects in a balance.

“It’s gone down, it’s heavier.”

“Mine went up and up because hers had more and more water.”

“They are both the same, they are balancing.”

We have also been using the language of size to problem solve – 5 Different boxes, 5 Different animals – which animal should go in each box? And what happens when another animal appears… which box should it go in?

”It’s too long, you’ve got to curl it up.”

”It’s too big for this one, it rattles around.”

”It won’t shut, I need a bigger box.”

”It won’t fit because the box is too small.”