Happy feet

Today, try this activity. Draw around your foot, cut it out and measure the length of objects in your house. Write down your measurements to compare the length of different objects. I’ve done some to show you.
One of them I decided to be Spider-Man and used my foot to climb up the door!

The trickier ones weren’t full feet long so I used a 1/2 foot for those.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar!

Today, the children in KS1 have been doing all of their learning around the book ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. In our Maths learning we have been looking at the value of different coins. The children used the coins to make different total amounts and turn them into caterpillars!

We then did some writing about what we we would eat if we were the Hungry Caterpillar. We had a discussion about which foods we like and what we like to eat as a treat! The children then described their ideal week of food!

Finally, the children created butterflies for our giant piece of artwork. We talked about symmetry and we looked at how to create different patterns using paint and folding paper in different ways. The end result was fantastic!

Home Learning:

Why don’t you have a think about what you would like to eat if you were the Hungry Caterpillar! You could draw a picture or even write your own version of the story.

Maybe you could try to paint some symmetrical butterflies like we did today and create your own giant art piece!

Mrs Smith

Word Search


Today, try finding as many smaller words as you can from the big word


For fun why not have a teddy bear’s or dinosaurs picnic – whatever you like! Make sure you share cups and plates between them all and remember to make it fair so everybody has the same food.

Speaking of food, your grown-ups mind need a break so you could make them a sandwich, we learnt how to spread things on bread when we had a party for the tiger who came to tea so give it another go!

Wednesday work

How are you today? Make sure you still go on a welly walk today – see what you notice, it’s wet today so look out for the worms!

Today try having a go at the Word Train. I’ve started one to show you – start each word with the sound from the end of the last word. How long can you make your train?

Home Learning

Hello Everyone!

I hope you are all staying safe and making the most of your time at home. Have you worked through your home learning packs? Keep going if you’re still doing them. Below are some links to websites you might find useful. On the Teaching Pet website you can join for free and download and print home packs. On the BBC website you’ll find some online games and activities.



Also, try doing this activity today…

Write down the word d-o-g across the top of a piece of a paper in 3 columns and then go on a huge hunt around your house to look for those 3 sounds. I’ve put some photos from my house to give you ideas of places you can look. Every time you see one of the sounds write it down in the correct column (handwriting practise) and when you’ve finished count to see which sound you found the most of. Happy hunting! Try for other words throughout the week.

Challenge: Try a word with ‘special friends’ eg sh-o-p.

Pirates Ahoy!

Our favourite type of boat is a pirate ship – a galleon! This has inspired our learning through play. We’ve been ripping and staining paper to make old maps, building galleons indoors and outdoors, drawing treasure maps and making up pirate stories. We’ve also learnt a shanty from our story “Down, down, sink them all down!”

Busy afternoon

Here are a few photos from this afternoon – mostly children are busy leading their own learning throughout the provision. Look at the boys who wanted to build Noah’s Ark – they didn’t have two of every animal so they made a list of ones they needed and went to ask Dawn in Nursery if she had some they could borrow.

Boat building

We’ve been trying to work out which boat Mr.Gumpy might have had – sped boat, cruise ship, yacht, kayak, submarine, gondola??????? We’ve learnt the names of these boats by looking at photos and this has inspired some children to make their own boats.

Addition machines

Having watched ‘ Numberblocks fruit machine’ the children have been learning that a total number can be split into two smaller groups and addition can be done in any order. These two girls have demonstrated their understanding of this independently – I love your enthusiasm!