We have been talking about things that are near and far from school and our homes. Our maps have provided fantastic opportunities for us to talk about different places and distance.


These children were so engaged in building tall towers, they built a city! They worked together for half an hour, sharing ideas and cooperating well as a team.

They measured to see if the buildings were taller than the one metre stick.

Writing lists

We have been learning how to write a list. We have also been discussing the farmer from Farmer Duck story book. We’ve noticed how unhealthy he is – laying in bed all day, eating chocolates and shouting “how goes the work?” to the poor duck. Therefore, we’ve been talking about him getting a healthy diet and today some children have chosen healthy food for his shopping list. The child below has made up her own list using bullet points. She told me that the writing in blue is the unhealthy food. Can you tell what she has written using her phonics knowledge?