Morning phonics

Every morning we do our phonics lesson; we learn the sounds the letters make ready for when we start to read and write. We practise the sounds several times throughout the day so they ‘stick’ in our brain!

Our First Week in Bear Cubs

This week has been our first week in school and I cannot tell you how proud I am of all the children. Starting school is a big step and the children have handled it with courage and excitement and motivation, even though at times they have tried new things. It has been such a positive start to the year and here are some photos.

Sports Day

We had a terrific afternoon on Wednesday. You can see from the photos the children raced competitively, but with good fun.

Brilliant Building

Look at the construction here – so much effort has gone into balancing all the different sizes and shapes of blocks. It’s like a giant jigsaw puzzle; everything fitting together securely to make an interesting and stable construction. The boys kept adding, checking and refining to create their masterpiece.

No spills!

Filling containers from the tap can be splashy so I love this invention to collect water. The funnel was added after they discovered the pipe was too small for the water to go down.

The Longest Waterfall Ever!

I have been delighted to see this big building in action. The attention to detail and problem solving the children have had to do in order to get this working has been amazing. The children have shouted “leak alert!” and rushed to catch the water. Some of the leaks have been in awkward places so they have had to try different sized and shaped containers to find the right one. Some containers were too small to catch all the water so they have had to think quickly and put a larger container at the side to keep emptying in to. They have worked as a team and this has definitely contributed to their success!

Multi-skills Afternoon

On Tuesday, the children were split into two groups and were taught some multi-skills. They practised their listening skills as well as their physical skills. You can see from the photos how well the children executed the tasks and how much FUN they had!

Mrs. Clay’s Wall

To be honest Mrs. Clay has had a massive problem at home this week. She went to B &Q to choose some paint for her dining wall, she painted it and it was the wrong green! Honestly, it’s just been stressful so The Bear Cubs have been helping. They have been mixing different shades of green so Mrs. Clay can choose a better colour to repaint her wall.