Little Red Riding Hood

This week we have read Little Red Riding Hood to draw similarities between the story and Handa’s Surprise – taking food in baskets, going on a journey and visiting someone. Lots of our learning in provision has reflected our class discussions on pathways, woodland, trees and food.

Children in Need

BBC Children in Need exists to change the lives of disadvantaged children and young people across the UK. Their vision is that every child in the UK has a safe, happy and secure childhood and the chance to reach their potential.

BBC Children in Need is currently supporting over 2,800 projects in communities across the UK that are helping children and young people facing a range of disadvantages such as living in poverty, being disabled or ill, or experiencing distress, neglect or trauma. In the last grant year alone, support has helped change the lives of over 589,000 disadvantaged children and young people, right here in the UK.

Today, our children dressed up and brought in a voluntary contribution which will all be set off to Pudsey and his team. We raised a fantastic £202.10 so thank you to everybody that contributed.

Making compounds

We have been investigating what happens when you mix different substances to make compounds. This has provided a slightly different experience to painting and it has provided us with opportunities to talk about our mixtures.

“It’s like hot chocolate – it’s bubbly.”

“I’m going to mix all of them together to see what happens.”

“It’s even more sticky now!”

“I can’t get it out, it’s so gooey.”

Visitor in class

This morning we had a visit from Sister Ripley who works at Barnsley Hospital. She told us about some of the things she does in her job to help people get better. Now, we can use what we have learnt in our own doctor’s surgery.


Yesterday some children made a bridge, however it looked more like a wall so this morning we looked at photos of lots of different bridges. We discussed how they were similar and different to each other and why the bridges were needed in the different places. This prompted lots of creative thinking in the construction area and the train track area. The children were acting as engineers – problem solving by thinking, adjusting, improving and reflecting. You can see from the photos, the processes that they worked through to reach their finished bridges!

Doctor’s surgery

Continuing on from our learning last half term about being healthy, we have changed our role-play area to a surgery. This morning we were learning how to play in there purposefully.

“Have you got an appointment?”

“What’s wrong?”

“You need an injection.”

“Go to the pharmacy.”

“Come back in a week.”


We have read poems and a story about bonfire night. In the story a boy makes a model rocket so this afternoon some children wanted to make one themselves. They’ve learnt how rolling a piece of paper makes a cylinder shape and cutting and twisting a circle make a cone shape. Look at our rockets!