Treasure Maps!

Today we spent the day making treasure maps and hunting for Easter eggs. The children worked in two mixed age groups and worked together to design a treasure map of our school. They had to plan it, design their map, write out a series of instructions and finally hide the treasure! (an Easter egg). The groups then swapped treasure maps and had a go at solving the other teams hidden treasure puzzles. We found the eggs in the end- and finished the day off by sharing the chocolate!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar!

Today, the children in KS1 have been doing all of their learning around the book ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. In our Maths learning we have been looking at the value of different coins. The children used the coins to make different total amounts and turn them into caterpillars!

We then did some writing about what we we would eat if we were the Hungry Caterpillar. We had a discussion about which foods we like and what we like to eat as a treat! The children then described their ideal week of food!

Finally, the children created butterflies for our giant piece of artwork. We talked about symmetry and we looked at how to create different patterns using paint and folding paper in different ways. The end result was fantastic!

Home Learning:

Why don’t you have a think about what you would like to eat if you were the Hungry Caterpillar! You could draw a picture or even write your own version of the story.

Maybe you could try to paint some symmetrical butterflies like we did today and create your own giant art piece!

Mrs Smith

Home Learning 3

Hi everyone, hope you are all ok!  

Here are some extra things I have found that I thought would be useful. Every week, I would always give you a blank 100 square and would give 10 minutes to complete it. Each week, you got quicker with your times so I thought it would be a good idea to carry this on at home. Make sure you form all your numbers correctly! I can’t wait to hear how much quicker you have gotten!

Also, I know that some of you love to write so I have found an idea for that too. Below is a link to Scholastic Story Starters. This is a website to help give ideas on what to write. You can pick a writing theme and then spin the wheels to generate random ideas for your stories. Try to challenge yourself by making sure you include: capital letters, finger spaces, full stops, exclamation and question marks and the conjunction ‘and’.

Also I have found some  ideas on fun activities that you could do.

I hope these have helped.

Miss Cocker

Art activities to complete


With today being April Fool’s Day, we have been focussing on a story called April Fool! Watch out at School! After reading the story, we wrote our own tricks. We discussed who we would trick, why we would trick them and what trick would it be. After we had time to take part in our daily RWI session.

After play, we looked at telling the time focusing on O’clock and half past. We then played games where we took in turns to roll the dice and read the times where they landed on the board. After we practised drawing the hands on the clocks.

This afternoon, we have carried on looking at time by making our own clocks. The children worked very hard on them and they have turned out amazing. Have a look below to see our clocks.

Home Learning 2

Hi everyone again!

I hope you are all ok. I just wanted to put a couple of extra things on here incase you were wanting more things to do.

Below is a link to access BBC iPlayer to watch a TV programme called Numberblocks. This is a programme I would recommend because it is a good visual tool for number recognition and learning number facts.

Also I have attached a couple of activities that I have used with the children that are still in school which you could also benefit from.

Home Learning

Hello Everyone!

I hope you are all well and are having fun as well as keeping safe! Have you worked through your home learning pack? Keep going if you’re still doing it. If you have finished here are some links that you might find useful.

The first link is to Oxford Owl where you can sign up to access a range of e-books (including RWI books) for free.  The second link is to the White Rose Maths where you can access free online maths lessons with activities. The third link is access to a daily phonics sessions taught by RWI.

Also, here are two activities you can try and do at home. First try and answer the calculations below:

Next, have a hunt around your house and see how many things you can find that are made from the materials below. If you’re looking for another type of hunt for later on in the week you could always hunt for objects with different properties such as soft, hard, opaque, shiny, dull, waterproof and absorbent. Good luck with your hunts!  Miss Cocker

Here is a sheet to help you with your hunt.

Fun in the sun

This afternoon all the children have been playing team games including dodgeball and kick rounders. Even though the children were keeping their distance this didn’t stop them from having fun. Afterwards, all the children used powder paints to paint rainbows on the playground. It was really nice to see the older children working with the younger ones to make their masterpieces. All the children enjoyed being creative and some even managed to paint themselves! Have a look below to see what we have been up to.

A fun morning

This morning, the children of year 1 and 2 were making things to put in a time capsule. First the wrote letters to their future selves about what is happening at the moment. We then looked through newspapers to find important stories that will remind us what happened and we’ve taken photos of what we have been up to. Have a look below to see what we have been up to.

Creative play

This week, Mr Grace has made us a chalk board for the KS1 playground. During playtimes, the children have been allowed to get creative. Have a look below to see what they have been up to.


Back in the Autumn, Years 1, 2 and 3  went down to Kexborough Rec to plant daffodil bulbs with the Barnsley Council North Area Team. Now it is the Spring. the daffodils have grown and we can now see them in full bloom. Have a look below to see them.