This week, the wows went to these children for challenging themselves in their work and for being role models in class. Well done!

Last week, the wows went to these boys for their hard work in phonics. Well done!

Christmas Door Afternoon!

On the afternoon of 2nd December, all classes across school took part in our Christmas Door Decorating Afternoon. All the children (and staff!) had a fantastically festive afternoon, listening to Christmas songs and making decorations to display on their classroom doors. The end results look amazing and have definitely made Kexborough Primary look a little more festive!

A big thankyou to all the staff and children for their hard work and ambitious designs!

Foundation Stage 1
Foundation Stage 2
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 3
Year 4
Year 5
Year 5
Year 6
Year 6

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

This week, we have started the Christmas festivities in class. To mark advent, we have a class advent calendar and this afternoon we created a Christmas door decoration. Have a look below to see what we’ve made.

Class Advent Calendar
Year 1 Door Decoration

Avocado Baby

This week, Our writing has been based around our about class story Avocado Baby. In the story, the baby will not eat anything apart from avocados and when he eats avocados he becomes extremely strong. Today, we tried avocados for the first time (to hopefully make us strong like in the story). When we got our piece of avocado, we first described what they were like then we tried them. Out of the whole class, only 6 children said they liked it and the others thought it was horrible! Have a look below to see what we thought about trying avocados.


These children received a wow this week for their hard work and for having a positive attitude to learning. Well done!

Children in Need

For Children in Need, all the children and adults in school dressed up in either Pudsey or 80s outfits to help raise money for the charity. Year 1 all looked amazing today and the school managed to raise over £200 for CIN. Have a look below at all our outfits!


Today, we have started focusing on fractions in maths. During today’s lesson, the children had to cut objects in half. Before we did this, we discussed what half was and how many equal parts we needed. We then cut different objects making sure they were in two equal parts. Have a look below to see how we have done.