This week during P.E we started to look at jumping / skipping. The children really enjoyed learning a new skill despite finding it challenging. We even practised during playtime. Have a look at some of the children practising their skipping.

The Room on the Broom

Yesterday, a witch asked us for help. She had lost all of her things and she wanted us to help her find them. We looked all around school and we found a broom, a cloak, a wand, a cat, a hat and a bow. We then wrote sentences telling the witch what we had found and where we found them.

Wows This Week

These boys have all received wows this week for their improvement in lessons and for being more independent in their learning. Well done boys!

Map of Clues!

Last week, we made wanted posters for Grandma Swagg to tell everyone what she looked like. Today, we have been told that there are some clues in Kexborough for where we might find her. We designed a map to show where she had been and we are going to send these to Officer Pugh so the maps can help him find her.


This week, we have been printing using vegetables to make a tree in autumn. We discussed why we used certain colours and we then discussed how we could overlap colours to make the tree more realistic. Have a look below to see some of our work.

The Cops and Robbers!

This week, we are doing writing based on the story The Cops and Robbers.

The story

Today, we found a robber’s sack and we wondered who it belonged to. We were so intrigued to see what was in the sack so we decided to have a look inside. Here is what we found…

Tomorrow, we are going to write a letter telling Officer Pugh what we have found. Hopefully he can find the robbers who stole all of this treasure!


Both girls have worked really hard in all lessons this week. Well done girls!

Little Red’s Picnic

Today, we had a surprise in our classroom. A basket full of food was on the table with a letter. After thinking about who the basket could belong to, we decided to look inside. We first read the letter and we realised the basket belonged to Little Red Riding Hood! We then looked at all the tasty treats she had bought for grandma. We then wrote sentences about what was in her basket and after all our hard work we decided to have a picnic in the classroom. Have a look below to see how much fun we had at the picnic.

Little Red’s Basket