Today, we have been learning to perform different balances. First, we looked at different parts of the body that can we balance on and then we looked at the techniques of balances by using our arms and tucking our tummies in to keep us balanced. The children then practised some high and low balances and performed these inform the of the class. Have a look below to see our performances.

Masterpiece Art

Today, the children have been completing their printing masterpiece. For this work, the children had to use the skills that have been taught previously to enable them to complete the work independently. The children have worked really hard and the work is amazing. Have a look to see what we have been getting up to.


Yesterday, we had a visitor who came in to teach us P.E. We focused on playing different games using skills such as team work, throwing and catching. The children really enjoyed the lesson and are looking forward to the lesson next week.

The Room On The Broom

This week during our writing lessons , we are focussing on the story The Room on The Broom. Today in class, we found out that the witch lost her belongings so we had to go on a hunt to find them. We looked high and low and we finally managed to find all of the witches’ belongings. Have a look below to see what we found.


This half term during ICT lessons, we have been looking at computer and word skills.

As a class, we have looked at:

  1. logging onto a computer using a username and password
  2. holding a mouse correctly
  3. clicking and dragging using a mouse
  4. typing using buttons such as the shift key, space bar, enter and backspace.
  5. How to enlarge and change colour on a word document.

I have been so impressed with the progress the children have made to say the majority of the class had never used a computer before. I can honestly say the children have worked really hard and they should all be very proud of themselves!


This half term, we have been looking at printing in art. At first, we spoke about a print being a copy of an object. We then discussed the process of printing and how a print could be made. Then finally, the children made lots of prints using a repeated coloured pattern. Have a look to see what patterns we made.


*Post from 21st September.

In maths this week, we have been looking at comparing numbers to 10/20 using the symbols <, > and =. To help us, we first watched a number blocks episode to understand the concept where ‘blockzilla’ always liked the bigger number so he always faces the direction of the bigger number. Afterwards, we made lots of different numbers using cubes and we compared the numbers using the symbols. Have a look below to see how we go to on.

The Cops and Robbers

*Post from 20th September.

This morning, we found a sack full of stolen treasures. As a class, we discussed who could of taken all of these things and why. We came to the conclusion that the infamous Grandma Swagg had committed the crime. We gathered the evidence and wrote down the facts using capital letters, full stops and finger spaces to Officer Pugh. Let’s hope that the crime is solved!