KS1 Sports Day!

Today, all the year 1s and 2s participated in a sports afternoon that was full of different races such as egg and spoon race, team relays, an obstacle race and bat and ball races. Each child was placed into either the red, blue, green or yellow team and each player was given points depending on where they came in each race. At the end of all the races, all the points were added up and the final rankings were:

1st place – Green team

2nd place – Yellow team

3rd place – Blue team

4th place – Red team

All the children had such a lovely afternoon and the time just flew. The children couldn’t believe it lasted nearly all afternoon and that it was home time when we had all finished. All the children listened really carefully and the sports afternoon was a complete success. Here are some pictures and videos of our sports afternoon.

Tree hunt

Today in science, we have been looking at deciduous and evergreen trees and the difference between the two. We then went outside to have a look at the types of trees that we have in school. For each tree, we looked carefully at the leaves to see whether it was deciduous or evergreen. Whilst we were outside we saw something very special… a tiny frog. Everyone was so excited that we decided to take a picture before it disappeared. Have a look below to see.


This week during P.E, we have been focussing on using a hockey stick. First, we looked at how to hold a hockey stick correctly, then we looked at steer the ball in a straight line and then finally we tried to steer in different directions and around cones. Have a look to see how we got on.

Skipping Workshop

This morning, we were very lucky to have a visitor in school who taught us how to skip. We first looked at the fundamentals of skipping such as having the correct hand position, making sure we used the correct hand grip on the rope, making sure we could use our wrists to be able to use the rope correctly and finally being able to jump over the rope. All the children had so much fun and they can’t wait to carry on skipping. Have a look below to see what we have been getting up to.


The last couple of weeks, the children have been looking at mixing primary colours and how to make darker and lighter versions of the same colour. For each colour the children had to think about which colour would make it lighter or darker. Then they had to make different shades of the same colour. Have a look below to see what we have been up to.

Number Day

Today has been number day so we have all dressed up in number based clothes to raise money for the NSPCC. To celebrate number day, we have completed lots of different Maths based activities. First we played snap and snakes and ladders then we played other maths board games. After dinner, we made our own clocks, did some maths colouring smd finally we played some bingo! We have had such a lovely time and as a class, we managed to raise £37.33 and as a school we have raised £298.53 which Mrs Richardson has rounded up to £300. Thank you for all of your donations!

The Gruffalo

Over the last couple of weeks, we have been doing different types of writing about the Gruffalo. First, we wrote descriptive pieces about what the Gruffalo was like. Then, we rewrote the story in our own words using a range of sequencing words. The children then copied their work neatly. Mrs Brocksom and I have been that impressed with their that we decided to create a display to show off all their hard work . You can see the writing and our display in the pictures below. Enjoy!

World Book Day

Today was World Book Day and to celebrate we completed lots of activities about The Highway Rat by Julia Donaldson. In the morning, we wrote about how The Highway Rat was caught for his awful crimes and in the afternoon we made a story map, did some colouring, watched the story online and made our own highway mask. Have a look at the children below with their masks.

Daisy Illustrations

This week, we have been focusing on the story Daisy Eat Your Peas. This afternoon, we watched a video of the illustrator Nick Sharratt teaching how he draws Daisy in the story. The children really enjoyed drawing Daisy and here are their masterpieces.