Sharing is caring

In RE this half term, we have been looking at the concept of caring for others. Today, we focused on Sikhism. This is because in every Sikh temple there is a Langar which is a free kitchen. We learnt about when people go to the Langar they get free food and is run by volunteers. We also discussed why they only made vegetarian food at the Langar and why it is a kind thing to do.

Properties of Materials

In Science, we have been looking at every day materials and their properties. During the lesson, we discussed what materials were and what all the properties meant. The children then had to look for certain properties and write down a material that had that property. The children worked hard and were able to name more than one material for each of the properties.

Bulb planting

Today, we have been bulb planting with the North Area Council Team in Kexborough Recreational Ground. The children placed the bulbs into the ground and then put the grass back on top and stamped it down. The children  really enjoyed themselves and we are all looking forward to seeing them grow in the spring.

The five oceans

In year 1,  we have been practicing singing songs to remember the 5 oceans. Have a listen to hear how they have been getting on.

Wet play

Unfortunately today the children have had to stay indoors due to the wet weather. However the children in year 1 have been having a great time doing a range of activities in the classroom. Have a look below to see what they got up to.

Proud moment

In assembly today, we celebrated proud moments of the week. My proud moment of the week was that these two children wrote their first ever sentences independently. I am so pleased to see how far they’ve come in such a short space of time. Well done!


This week, we have been learning to take pictures on an iPad. Once they had took their pictures they went on a photo editing app where they could change the colour, filter and orientation of the photo. Have a look below to see some of the children in action.

Super readers

In year 1, we have been reading some exciting new stories as part of our phonics lessons. Children work in partners to support each other’s reading and the children read the story 3 times over 3 days to become fluent readers. Over the last few weeks, the children have gained so much confidence in their reading and I couldn’t be more proud! Well done!  

Dance, Dance, Dance

This half term, the children have been doing dance in PE. They have been dancing to a range of current songs, making their own routines up and performing them in groups. Have a look at their choreography below.

Practical maths

In Maths, we have been looking at different ways of making numbers. Each child had 5 counters and had to present 5 in as many different ways as they could. We looked at all the ways and discussed the similarities and differences. Have a look below at what the children achieved.

Sandwich making

This week, the children have been looking at instruction writing. Before they got to write their instructions, the children followed a set of instructions and when they were finished they were allowed to eat their finished sandwiches. Have a look below to see how they made them.