Take a look at all the hard work we have been completing in Year 2 on the Julia Donaldson book “Zog”. We have completed a retell of the story Zog carefully thinking about our use of punctuation and writing clear sentences which start with capital letters and finish with full stops. We have also completed some dragon shape poetry focussing on creating and identifying rhyming words. Finally in PSHE we talked about what our aspiration would be to win a golden star just like Zog. We wrote our aspirations on our very own golden stars.


Today we looked at the changes that take place in the season Autumn. We learnt that during autumn, the days get shorter and there is less sunlight; this is because the sun is further away from the Northern Hemisphere. We also discussed that the days start to get colder because of the sunlight being weaker, the leaves start to turn bright colours and fall off the trees, animals begin storing food for the winter and that there are many festivals which are celebrated and food is harvested. We went on an autumn walk and collected leaves from our Woodland. We then used these leaves and created our very own autumn pictures of hedgehogs. We chose hedgehogs because hedgehogs hibernate through autumn and winter. They collect lots of berries and eat them all before rolling themselves up tightly into a ball and falling asleep in deep the leaves.


In RE we have been focussing on beginning and endings. As a class we discussed the meaning of the words “beginning” and “ending” and spoke about some of the beginnings and endings that we have experienced. Lots of us said that we had experienced a beginning of welcoming a new baby into the family, starting a new year group, starting a new hobby. Some of the endings we discussed were moving house, leaving schools and even leaving the country we lived in. This week we have been learning about the religion Sikhism and how a new year is celebrated as part of a beginning. We will be moving onto looking at how names are used and given in Sikhism, what happens at a Naam Karan ceremony and what our very own names mean!

The Egg Has Hatched!

Finally, our egg has hatched! On Friday we could see the Dragon’s head but today when Mrs Hebron walked into class, there she was looking out of the water. Three children picked possible names for her and we had a class vote. Our dragon is now called Rose. She seems very happy in our class and told Mrs Hebron she didn’t feel nervous anymore and would sit on the desk to see all the children. I’m sure she will enjoy learning all about Zog!

Why is Britain Great?

In our topic lessons we have been learning about the United Kingdom. We have been looking at the countries in England then we focussed on the counties and cities that are in England. For the next couple of weeks we will be focussing on the Capital City of England, London. Take a look at this video clip that we watched today and see if the children can tell you some facts about London that they have been learning.

Year 2’s Dragon!!!

This week we are starting a new unit of writing work inspired by Julia Donaldson’s book ‘Zog’. Zog is a story about a little dragon in training. The problem is that he’s not very good at breathing fire and capturing princesses. Luckily for Zog there is a princess on hand who nurses his injuries and volunteers to be captured so Zog can get his gold star. Today Zog started his journey in the Year 2 classroom in his very own egg. Over the next few days we will watch the egg hatch! There are lots of very excited children eagerly waiting for Zog to hatch and join our Year 2 class!

Super Maths Work

We have been focussing our maths learning for the first 4 weeks of this half term on place value. We have learned to compare and order numbers from 1 to 100 as well as recognising the place value of two-digit numbers. We also touched on using number lines and the less than (<), more than (>), and equals (=) symbols. In the photos you can see that the children were having to represent the different number by partitioning in different ways.

How you can help at home

Showing numbers in interesting ways really helped the children in year 2 to understand number and place value. Objects from around the home like buttons, dried pasta shapes, marbles, or pencils are great to practise counting and organising numbers. For example, ’32’ could be represented by 32 marbles arranged into three groups of ten and two ones. As well as objects, you could try using drawings, diagrams, or symbols to represent numbers. For example, you could draw 23 stick figures, then draw a circle around each group of ten, with three left outside of the circles. This shows that 23 is made from two tens and three ones.

Year 2 : A great start

Welcome back!

What a fantastic first two weeks back we have had as Year 2’s! The children have started every day with a huge smile on their faces and have ended the day the same way. We are extremely proud of how well all the children have adapted to the new routines and procedures we have in place, even our new class pets (who we named last week as Crystal and Goldie) have settled in well. We know this is going to be a fun, exciting year ahead!

In our lessons we have:

Recapped place value looking at 2-digit numbers.

Written all about ourselves focusing on capital letters, full stops and finger spaces.

Learnt new sounds (split digraphs) in phonics. 

Learnt about the importance of recycling.

Made birthday cards to be given out to each child during the year.

Completed our first outdoor PE lesson.

Talked about our feelings linked to the theme “Inside Out”.

Made bookmarks.

Listened to stories. 

We cannot wait for another week of fun learning and getting to know one another. 

Mrs Powell and Mrs Hebron 

Body parts

Today, we have looked at the human body and the body parts that we have. For this, we have drawn around our bodies and we have labelled all the body parts that we know. Have a look below to see our final piece of work.