Seaside Art

This half term we have created some seaside art. Over the weeks we have sketched, created different tones of blue and yellow and have also created some mixed textures to practice layering materials.

We are really proud of the work they have produced and are looking forward to the next Art project.

Animal Encounter

This morning we were very lucky to take part in an animal encounter. We saw, held and learnt about:

Spirow the bearded dragon

Amber the snake 

Berty the guineapig

Bear the ferret 

Brian the owl

Millie the giant millipede

Charlotte the tarantula 

Snowflake the mouse 

The children were so brave, even when Brian the Owl tried to fly away. We especially enjoyed seeing Amber the snake slither around our field and watching Millie the giant millipede wake up from her nap.

After the animal encounter we watched Pets factor on CBBC because Bear the ferret is an animal celebrity and was on one of the episodes!!!

The children can’t wait to tell all of their grown ups about the animal experience.

Under the Sea Placemat

In year 2, the children have been learning how to paper weave. This week they made a sea themed placement using colours that reminded them of the waves and coral. Then they decorated them with pictures of sea creatures that they made using different materials. Here are some photos of our work.

KS1 Sports Day!

Today, all the year 1s and 2s participated in a sports afternoon that was full of different races such as egg and spoon race, team relays, an obstacle race and bat and ball races. Each child was placed into either the red, blue, green or yellow team and each player was given points depending on where they came in each race. At the end of all the races, all the points were added up and the final rankings were:

1st place – Green team

2nd place – Yellow team

3rd place – Blue team

4th place – Red team

All the children had such a lovely afternoon and the time just flew. The children couldn’t believe it lasted nearly all afternoon and that it was home time when we had all finished. All the children listened really carefully and the sports afternoon was a complete success. Here are some pictures and videos of our sports afternoon.

Fantastic Phonics

We have been revisiting the ‘tion’ sound in our Read, Write, Inc lessons. Mrs Powell keeps on flashing us the ‘tion’ sound throughout the day and we love singing the tune, take a look at our fabulous phonics.

Wonderful Sunflowers

This week we have finished our Instructions all about how to grow a Sunflower. The children have produced some amazing writing that they followed to grow their own beautiful Sunflowers. We also had added some Sunflower art from our printing unit where the children used forks to create their painting.
We cannot wait to see our plants grow! Here are some photos of the bean plants we planted 2 weeks ago as a hook into our writing. Some have grown so well already!

Growing our own Beanstalks

This week we have begun our new Science unit on Plants and we have been writing instructions all about how to plant a Sunflower. To hook the children in, they followed instructions to plant and grown their own green beans! They really enjoyed this and are looking forward to growing different plants over the next half term.

Nurturing Nurses

WOW! We were so amazed to not only receive the acknowledgement on Facebook about our cards that we made for Barnsley Hospital but we also received a letter from ICU then a tweet from the Children’s Ward at Barnsley!!! We are all so pleased that our cards have made so many members of staff smile. We have added photos of the tweet and letter that was sent to school.

This week we have completed our topic on Nurturing Nurses. The children have thoroughly enjoyed this topic that we ended up extending into this half term as we felt there were just so much more to learn and find out about. To finish, we completed a piece of writing in our topic lesson to persuade others to remember either Florence Nightingale, Edith Cavell or Mary Seacole then drew a picture and wrote as many words that came into our mind when we thought about that particular nurse. We thought carefully about:

• What they did

• Why they did it

• Who they helped

• How they changed things

Once we had reflected on our learning we did an alphabet challenge where we had to think of a word that included every letter of the alphabet associated with our topic. The children really enjoyed thinking outside of the box and also helping one another complete the grid so that every child had a word in every box, great team work Year 2!

To finish we then did a quiz in small groups. Mrs Powell was so pleased and proud of us as almost every group got every single question correct so Mrs Powell had to put our names into a bucket and pick a winner to receive a prize!

Last week we made cards for the staff working at Barnsley Hospital to celebrate International Nurses Day and to say a thank you for all their hard work, particularly in the past year. The staff on ICU said “Our staff were absolutely delighted to receive these and commented on how much the pictures and notes cheered them up”. The Barnsley Hospital Facebook page has also put up some fabulous photos of the staff with their cards! We are so happy that the staff like our cards and messages and know how much we appreciate all of their hard work. Thank you ICU!