Smashing Skipping!

This morning we took part in some skipping activities. We learnt how to jump safely and properly using the technique ‘over the head, handles out, jump.’ We then practised jumping over the rope in groups of 2, 4 and then 9 children!!! We were then split into three teams called the Lions, Tigers and Cheetahs. In our groups we had a challenge to run through the moving skipping rope without being caught in it. We did amazingly well and the children that found skipping a bit tricky at first were experts by the end of the session. Well done Year 2!

Happy International Nurse’s Day

Today is International Nurse’s Day; we wanted to say a huge thank you for all the hard work that Nurses do as well as commemorate Florence Nightingale’s birthday; a nurse who we have spent lots of time learning about in our topic and writing lessons. We have all been busy thinking of lots of adjectives to describe nurses and what they mean to us. We then made a card each. Mrs Powell is taking our cards to Barnsley Hospital to show our gratitude for the amazing work that our nurses at Barnsley Hospital are doing.

Polar Animals

This week we are continuing to learn in our Writing lessons about Polar Animals. We have read lots of information in class and the knowledge that the children already have is fantastic. We will begin writing up our reports at the end of the week. Here is a sneak peak!

Fraction Cakes!

Today our treat Friday was a little bit different… we used it to help us with our Maths!

Mrs Cookson very kindly made 3 identical cakes to help the children understand the value of a unit fraction. Even though the children have been doing some brilliant fraction work this week and finding fractions of values, the majority still though 1/8 would be bigger than 1/2 because of the denominator being larger. Mrs Cookson cut the cakes and used the pieces to show that 1/2 is actually bigger! Then we explored what would happen if the numerator changed and if 2/3 was bigger than 1/3.

The children really enjoyed this treat and it really helped them to understand fractions more.

Habitat boxes and a big thank you!

For the last couple of weeks, children at home and in school have been learning about different world habitats. We have been looking at desert, tropical, polar and ocean habitats and finding out which animals and plants can survive and thrive there.

The children started by learning about all these habitats before they chose one to focus on and research further. They discovered animals and plants that lived in these habitats and drew some of these during guided Art lessons. This week, they have made their habitat boxes which show a world habitat and they are amazing! Have a look at our boxes in the slide show below.

We have been so impressed with how much enthusiasm the children have put into their research, planning and artwork. It has made us so proud to see children engaging with the work at home and in school and it definitely made us all feel closer together.

Have a fun filled, restful half term. Thank you to each and every one of you for being such amazing children and for being so understanding and patient. We really are very proud to be your teachers and we can’t wait to see you all soon.

Mrs Hebron, Mrs Powell and Mrs Cookson.

Flynn – Our Fabulous Father Christmas

Flynn – Our Fabulous Father Christmas Today we were learning to use question marks. We started our lesson by practising forming question marks, identifying questions in a sentence then thinking of our own questions we would ask Santa. Sadly, Santa was unable to come into school so Flynn stepped up to the role for us. The children thought of lots of questions and Flynn Father Christmas answered them in lots of detail.

Christmas Door Afternoon!

On the afternoon of 2nd December, all classes across school took part in our Christmas Door Decorating Afternoon. All the children (and staff!) had a fantastically festive afternoon, listening to Christmas songs and making decorations to display on their classroom doors. The end results look amazing and have definitely made Kexborough Primary look a little more festive!

A big thankyou to all the staff and children for their hard work and ambitious designs!

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The children were really excited when they came to school this morning telling me all about their chocolate Advent calendars that they were able to open this morning. I asked the children what Advent was and there were a few blank faces. As part of our RE lesson we learnt about Advent and why we celebrate it. We then made our very own Advent wreath. Today we learnt that Advent is the start of the Christian year. It is a time for Christians to prepare for the celebration of the birth of Jesus. During Advent, churches display an Advent crown or an Advent wreath. The Advent wreath is a circle of evergreen branches. There are 4 candles standing in the circle. In the centre there is a 5th candle. The candles remind Christians of the light of God. A new candle is lit each Sunday during Advent until all 4 candles are burning. Each candle has a different meaning. The final candle is lit on Christmas Day to celebrate the birth of Jesus.


Take a look at all the hard work we have been completing in Year 2 on the Julia Donaldson book “Zog”. We have completed a retell of the story Zog carefully thinking about our use of punctuation and writing clear sentences which start with capital letters and finish with full stops. We have also completed some dragon shape poetry focussing on creating and identifying rhyming words. Finally in PSHE we talked about what our aspiration would be to win a golden star just like Zog. We wrote our aspirations on our very own golden stars.