PE – Athletics

This half term we are focussing on Athletics and Gymnastics in our PE lessons. Today we have been developing our understanding of races and how they should be run. We ran at different speeds, in different directions and worked as a team to tig. We will be moving onto developing the technique of standing long jump and vertical jump, developing our power and techniques when throwing javelins, shot puts and discus and continuing to be competitive in races but showing good sense of sportsmanship.

Meet the 2 new members of our class!

Today we added 2 new members to our class, Mario (right) and Luigi (left) to our sea themed reading area. We wrote down our favourite fish names and voted what we would call our new class pets. The fish belong in our under the sea themed reading area and always remind us to stay focussed on our reading.

Diving into Books

The children in year 2 are full of enthusiasm for reading. They have all been trying hard to read at least 3 times per week at home using our new reading books. They have also been doing lots of reading in our brand new under the sea-themed Reading Area. This is a special part of our classroom where we are able to read for enjoyment in a relaxed, fun atmosphere.

Year 2 Science Day!

To mark World Science Day on Sunday 10th November, Year 2 took part in a science afternoon on Friday. We had a class discussion about what science is, how it affects us and we shared lots of interesting science facts! We then focused on germs and what we knew about them.

All children in the class created their face out of sugar paper. They then placed it on our 3 metre sneeze zone. We simulated three different sneezes using a spray bottle: one with no protection, one with hand protection and one protected by a tissue. Children predicted how far they thought each of the sneezes would reach on the sneeze zone.

Our experiment generated lots of fantastic discussion around germs, how they travel and how we can prevent them from spreading.

Outstanding Homework!

Over the past few weeks, Year 2 have been looking at recycling and important the 3 R’s are: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

For homework, children were asked to find a recyclable object and turn it into something new! Here are some of the amazing ideas they came up with:

RE: New life

A community centre  decided they would like to display some art to celebrate new life. The children in Year 2 were tasked with creating that artwork. The art will be seen by people from different religions and by people who do not follow a religion. Take a look at some of our creations!


In RE we have been learning about ‘Beginnings and Endings’. We have focussed on the religions Sikhism and Christianity and have looked at christenings and birth/naming ceremonies and how these are celebrated. This week we learnt about what happens at a baptism and were given the challenge to design a gift for someone and explain why we had chosen this gift.

Bulb Planting

This morning the children in Year 2 have been down to the Kexborough Recreation Ground to plant some daffodil bulbs. We walked from school to the recreation ground where we were met by some volunteers from Triggs. They provided the children with a quick lesson in how to plant bulbs and we spoke about why we plant these particular bulbs in the autumn time. The children then worked in groups to plant the bulbs and cover them over for the winter.

We hope that you enjoy seeing the fruits of our labour when they begin to sprout in the springtime!

The Sound Collector

In English this week, Year 2 children have been given the chance to explore poems which use language play. One of these poems was ‘The Sound Collector’. Children read the poem in small groups and then generated ideas for their own Sound Collector poems. Children were encouraged to use onomatopoeia and rhyme in their writing.

Here are a few of the verses I was particularly impressed by!

The Sound Collector

A stranger called this morning

Dressed all in black and grey

Put every sound into a bag

And carried them away

The flushing of the toilet

The ticking of the clock

The snoring of my Grandad

The machine washing my sock! (Maisie Y2)

The gurgle of the drain

The screeching of the chair

The dripping of the raindrops

The creaking of the stair (Annabelle Y2)

The squeaking of toys

The chewing of beef

My snoring old dad

That blowing handkerchief (Ollie Y2)

The crying of a baby

The spreading of a knife

The popping of the toaster

The shouting of the wife! (Luke Y2)

A stranger called this morning

He didn’t leave his name

Left us only silence

Life will never be the same.

By Roger McGough (And the children of Year 2)

Brilliant Boats!

This afternoon, children in Year 2 have been continuing their Science learning. We have been looking at different materials, their properties and their suitability. Today we put what we had learnt to the test by building boats and observing how well they floated in the water tray.

The children were put into pairs and asked to choose materials to make a boat. Children were only given 45 minutes to plan and make their boats. Materials they chose from were, kitchen towel, foil, cling film, baking parchment, card, paper, lolly sticks and straws. They also had the choice of using PVA glue, selotape or brown parcel tape to help with the boat construction.

As part of a class discussion, children realised that their boat would need to be strong, waterproof and light in order to float in the water tray.

All the children loved constructing their boats and the excitement of testing them in the water tray!