Something to celebrate!

Today in Year 2, these children had something to celebrate!

These two boys have made lots of progress in their 5-a-day since the start of the year. They have grown in confidence and are now completing their morning maths work completely independently! Well done boys!

We have also been finishing off our adaptations of Goldilocks in our English lessons. These three children have been celebrated today for their fantastic writing. Not only did they have beautiful handwriting but they also managed to include all of our learning from this week, including questions, exclamations and commands in their sentences.

Fantastic work!

‘The Dot’ by Peter Reynolds

This term, Year 2 are basing all of their artwork around the book ‘The Dot’, by Peter Reynolds. The Dot tells the story of a young girl called Vashti who thinks she is no good at drawing. Her teacher shows her that anything can be made into a work of art, even a tiny dot. The story teaches children that anyone can do anything, you just need to try your best!

In our art lessons we have been creating dots using different drawing and painting materials. Children have experimented using pencils, pens, crayons, chalks, pastels and paints. We used pencils to create different sized dots using shading techniques, chalks and pastels to practise with other drawing materials and paints to mix light and dark shades and experiment with different sized brushes.

Here is the end result!


Stretchy Science

In Science, we have been looking at every day materials and their uses. This week, we looked at the properties of different materials. Children matched vocabulary cards to pictures of different materials to show what they have learnt. They then tested different objects see if they could change their shape by twisting, bending, stretching or squashing. We discovered as a class that all of the materials that could change shape had similar properties, as did those that didn’t!

Fairy tale Stories

In writing we have started learning about fairy tale stories. To begin our learning we acted out and retold the fairy tale story “The 3 Little Pigs” in groups of 4. We then discussed and recorded all the features that the fairy tale story had. Take a look at our Writing Wall of all the features we learnt and us in action as the 3 Little Pigs and the big, bad wolf!!!

Fantastic Home Learning!

Take a look at some of our fantastic work that we have created at home. Some of the children have created art work linking to our topic. William has drawn and labelled the counties in the UK and Ollie has drawn a map of the UK labelling the countries, he has also used the pointillist technique that we have been learning about in art to create a picture of The Big Ben, a famous London tourist attraction and landmark. Well done boys!!!

Why is Britain Great?

Our topic this term is “Why is Britain Great?” To begin our topic we recapped some of the year 1 learning we had already been taught last year. The children had remembered lots of key facts about our town, country, continents and seas. We then discussed and shared post cards of some of the places we had visited during the summer holidays and located these places on a map of the UK. We even found some time to share lots of delicious rock!!!

The following lessons have involved us using atlases and the iPads to locate the countries of the UK (England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales) as we as locating some of the counties in England. We looked further into South Yorkshire and some of the fun things we can do in our very own county.