Writing instructions

Our English focus these last 3 weeks has been based around instruction writing. We have analysed the features of various instructions, learnt how to use prefixes, commas after fronted adverbials, imperative verbs and how to use the past and present tense effectively. This enabled us to have the knowledge to write our very own set of instructions. We decided to design a healthy fruit salad to fit in with our topic of food and healthy eating. Here are some of the finished pieces!


A cold but sunny Monday afternoon- the perfect conditions for our hockey lesson. We practiced holding the stick correctly, dribbling with increased control and shooting at a net. The children were full of enthusiasm and determination to improve their skills in hockey.

Fire Safety Afternoon

This afternoon, pupils in Year 3 were lucky enough to receive a visit from South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue team to learn about fire safety and how to keep safe around fire. Pupils watched a selection of interactive videos, learnt about the role of a firefighter, how to be safe around lighters and matches, the importance of working smoke alarms, calling 999 and the stop, drop and roll action. All children listened extremely well, engaged in discussion and gained a lot of knowledge and understanding to enable them to stay safe around fire.

Food Glorious Food!

This term our new topic is ‘food glorious food’. Over the next 12 weeks we will be learning about healthy balanced diets, nutrition, farming, where food comes from and foods from around the world.

We kicked off our topic by exploring the different food groups and trying to categorise various foods in to these groups. We discussed what made foods healthy/unhealthy and pupils were asked to keep a food journal for the next week to track their diet ready for some self analysis next session!

Every week we will be looking at a certain type of food which originates from various countries around the world. We will also be trying samples of different foods from other countries. This week we looked at Italy and of course, had to try out some pizza! It was delicious.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Today we celebrated our last day before the Christmas holidays and had a pyjama and movie afternoon! We enjoyed popcorn, hot chocolate, sweets, biscuits and mini rolls! We had such a cosy and relaxing afternoon watching a Christmas movie.


To finish off our outdoor PE topic athletics for this half term we had an afternoon of competitions including relay races, javelin and long jump. We have enjoyed our sessions with Mr Rogers this half term and have learnt many new skills and techniques in running, jumping and throwing.

Pottery making!

This afternoon we got our hands dirty (as well as the classroom!) making our own Stone Age Pottery. During Art last week we spent the lesson looking at examples of Stone Age pottery and designed the colours, patterns and styles of our creations. Today we used various techniques to bring those designs to life- although we soon realised it was much harder than it looked! The clay was extremely hard and had to be softened and moulded for a while before we could start to shape our designs. We got there in the end though. See below for some of our creations!

Parts and Wholes

This week we have been building the foundations of knowledge to prepare us for our new unit of work- fractions! We used cusinaire rods to build our own part and whole combinations and recorded whether they were equal or unequal parts- providing reasons for our answers.

Stonehenge Art!

Over the last few weeks in Art we have been practising various techniques linked with shade and colour. We have learnt about primary and secondary colours and how to mix these with powder paints. We also focused on creating lighter and darker tones and now understand how these can be achieved. We then experimented with a range of collage techniques such as tearing, overlapping and layering. All these skills enabled us to create our stone henge masterpiece linked to our topic. Take a look at the final result below- we think they look fantastic!

Parts and Wholes

In Maths we have started our new unit of fractions. To help the children fully grasp the concept we have been learning about parts and wholes. We discussed how a whole is made up of many parts, and how the parts are always smaller than the whole. We also discussed how parts can be equal or unequal. During maths pupils in Year 3 were given shapes to experiment with. They were asked to cut their shape in to parts of up to five pieces. They then worked in small groups to group their shapes according to their properties. Some groups chose to categorise them according to their shapes, whereas some chose to categorise them according to whether they had equal or unequal parts. This prompted a really good discussion amongst pupils and gave them opportunities to reason with each other about why they had grouped them the way they did.