Fruit Faces

This half term we have been learning about an Italian artist called Giuseppe Arcrimboldo. He is famous for his ‘fruit face’ portraits. After weeks of analysing his work, and developing our skills in creating collages, we collected our own images of fruit using the computers and created our very own fruit face portraits!

World Read Aloud Day

Today we celebrated world read aloud day. Our focus was on the story ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’. Children were given the task of creating their own stories based on ‘The Day the ***** Quit’. We had a whole day to plan, write and create our own story books. Year 3 came up with some fantastic ideas. Some of them were:

The Day the Chess Pieces Quit

The Day the Classroom Equipment Quit

The Day the Princesses Quit

The Day the Monsters Quit

The Day the Dragons Quit

The Day the Books Quit

See below for some of our finished stories!

We then spent some of the afternoon reading our favourite children’s books to the FS1 children.


In Science we have been learning about the human skeleton and the bones we have inside our bodies. Pupils were given the challenge of working in groups to cut out and assemble a skeleton. It was much harder than we first thought as some of the bones had really funny names!

Fruits from around the world!

Last week we discovered that fruit doesn’t just come from the supermarket- it is grown and imported from countries all over the world. We looked at a map of the world and used an atlas to pin point various countries on to the map. Some of them were really tricky to find because the countries looked so small!

Fruity Friday!

After a week of planning, writing and editing our instructions we spent the morning following them to create our very own fruit salads. Pupils were able to select their own ingredients and follow their own recipes to create a delicious fruity snack. It wasn’t only delicious- it was completely healthy too!

Writing instructions

Our English focus these last 3 weeks has been based around instruction writing. We have analysed the features of various instructions, learnt how to use prefixes, commas after fronted adverbials, imperative verbs and how to use the past and present tense effectively. This enabled us to have the knowledge to write our very own set of instructions. We decided to design a healthy fruit salad to fit in with our topic of food and healthy eating. Here are some of the finished pieces!


A cold but sunny Monday afternoon- the perfect conditions for our hockey lesson. We practiced holding the stick correctly, dribbling with increased control and shooting at a net. The children were full of enthusiasm and determination to improve their skills in hockey.

Fire Safety Afternoon

This afternoon, pupils in Year 3 were lucky enough to receive a visit from South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue team to learn about fire safety and how to keep safe around fire. Pupils watched a selection of interactive videos, learnt about the role of a firefighter, how to be safe around lighters and matches, the importance of working smoke alarms, calling 999 and the stop, drop and roll action. All children listened extremely well, engaged in discussion and gained a lot of knowledge and understanding to enable them to stay safe around fire.

Food Glorious Food!

This term our new topic is ‘food glorious food’. Over the next 12 weeks we will be learning about healthy balanced diets, nutrition, farming, where food comes from and foods from around the world.

We kicked off our topic by exploring the different food groups and trying to categorise various foods in to these groups. We discussed what made foods healthy/unhealthy and pupils were asked to keep a food journal for the next week to track their diet ready for some self analysis next session!

Every week we will be looking at a certain type of food which originates from various countries around the world. We will also be trying samples of different foods from other countries. This week we looked at Italy and of course, had to try out some pizza! It was delicious.