Fire Safety

Today we were visited by the fire service. Joanne, who worked as part of the community talked to us about fires and what to do in an emergency. We learnt about safe and unsafe fires, what the stop, drop, roll was and the importance of only ringing 999 if there is a real emergency. All the children in Year 3 did us proud today; they listened extremely well and asked some intriguing questions. We now all feel lots more confident about what to do in an emergency.


In science this week we have been leaning about fossils and how they are made.  We have learnt about the three different types of fossils (mold and cast fossils, trace fossils and whole body fossils).

As part of this, we have made our own mold and cast and trace fossils of dinosaurs using salt dough!

The Rock Cycle

Today we used sweets to show how the rock cycle works.  We showed the weathering process using scissors to break down the sediments of rock.  We then layered them up like they would form at the bottom of the oceans.  Finally we squashed them (compression) to make a sedimentary rock.

We then used heat and pressure to show how these rocks can change (morph) into metamorphic rocks.

After that we exposed them to extreme heat (in the microwave!) to change them again, but this time into molten igneous rock.

We learnt how the cycle continues to go round as these rocks are then exposed to weathering and erosion once more!

Stewed Fruit

Today we made and tasted a meal from the Stone Age – Stewed Fruit! We wrote instructions for how we made the Stewed Fruit remembering to include all the features. As you can see we certainly enjoyed tasting it!

Today we became Hunter-gatherers

Today we became hunter-gatherers! We went outside to hunt and gather our own food that would have been eaten during the Stone Age. We used javelins as spears to hunt the food. We then looked at the foods we had found and sorted them according to which foods would have been hunted and which would have been gathered.

Cave Art

In our Art lessons this term, we are looking at Cave Art. This week, we have learnt about how people from the Stone Age made hand stencils by blowing paint onto their hands on the cave walls. We had lots of fun recreating our own versions of these hand stencils in a much cleaner way!

Stone Age

This term our topic is the ‘Stone Age’. To begin our lessons this half term we answered and discussed four questions:

What do we do for entertainment?

What are our favourite foods?

What types of transport do we use?

What is it like where we live?

Mrs Powell then asked the question, ‘How different would life be if we were to take this all away?’ The children found it really difficult to imagine our lives with virtually nothing!

We talked about the Stone Age being a period of prehistory and that we would be travelling back to the earliest period of human culture and learning about how humans started using stones, usually flint, to make tools and weapons and how they survived!

One member of our class went above and beyond at home and created a Stone Age scene. She made figures and put leaves around their bodies for clothes, created a cave with cave art, fires and made replicas of the animals and food that people from the Stone Age period would eat. We are so impressed that she was able to show all her learning so far in a fabulous creation from home.

There is lots more to learn this term and I’m sure Year 3 will be coming home telling you lots of facts they have learnt.


Today Year 3 were really lucky to have the opportunity to take part in a hockey session. We learnt three important skills:
How to hold the hockey stick correctly
Making sure we held the correct body position
Keeping control of the ball
Year 3 showed off their fantastic hockey skills and even better listening skills. Well done everyone!

Cresswell Crags

Year 3 had an amazing time at Creswell Crags on 23rd September. We learnt lots about life in the stone age, including animals, survival skills and we even went down inside a real stone age cave!

Maths (Time)