Investigating Rocks

Our science topic this half term is rocks and soils. We have been investigating different types of rocks and testing their permeability and durability with a carasol of investigations. We learnt how to group rocks based on their properties and used books and iPads to find out more information.

The Stone Age!

What would we do if we took away our luxuries? Our computers, our iPads and our mobile phones? What if we took away our favourite foods? Pizza, ice cream and chocolate cake? Imagine a world with no cars, no electricity and no heating in our homes? We asked pupils to imagine a world without any of the things we have today. Here.. we enter the Stone Age!

We went back in time over 3 million years ago to a time where things were very different to the lives we live today. We provided interesting images of artefacts for children to look at and discuss on their tables before generating any questions they have about the Stone Age.