Letter Writing

To finish our work on letter writing in Year 3, we have chosen famous people to write to. We have written our letters this week (just look at their concentration!) We will be writing our finish letters on Friday and then posting them! I wonder who will get a reply!

Number Day 2021

Christmas Door Afternoon!

On the afternoon of 2nd December, all classes across school took part in our Christmas Door Decorating Afternoon. All the children (and staff!) had a fantastically festive afternoon, listening to Christmas songs and making decorations to display on their classroom doors. The end results look amazing and have definitely made Kexborough Primary look a little more festive!

A big thankyou to all the staff and children for their hard work and ambitious designs!

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Children in Need

Apologies for the delay in posting!

Last Friday the Year 3 children helped Kexborough Primary celebrate Children in Need! Thankyou to all the children for dressing up and helping to raise lots of money. You all looked amazing!

Mrs Smith

Everything You Need For A Treehouse

This week, Year 3 children have started to look at a text called Everything You Need For A Treehouse by Carter Higgins and Emily Hughes.

As a hook for our learning, we introduced the book and discussed ideas for our dream treehouse. We watched a video clip showing the Top 10 Treehouses in the World. The children were amazed by some of the fantastic treehouse ideas and designs!

Yesterday afternoon, children were given a chance to discuss and design a treehouse. Their focus was to think about the size, shape and purpose of their treehouse; using the ideas from the book and video as inspiration. After designing their treehouses, the children were tasked with trying to construct them! I was extremely impressed with children’s resilience when 3D modelling. They used trial and error to construct their tree and house, thinking about suitable materials and ways of joining.

Here are some of the fantastic treehouses created by Year 3 children!

Children have been looking at the skills needed to write instructions in their writing lessons this week. Next week, they are going to write up their instructions for how they built their treehouses!

Mrs Smith

Class pets!

This afternoon has been extremely exciting for Year 3 as we welcomed our new class pets! As part of our ‘Rocks and Soil’ Science topic, we have built a worm world in our classroom. The children all took part in collecting the necessary equipment (soil, sand, worms etc) and putting the worm world together as a class. We wrote up our equipment list and our method, before making a prediction about what will happen to the layers of sand and soil over the 4 weeks that the worms will be in our class!

The Year 3 children are extremely excited about watching our worms and their movements over the coming weeks!

4 Times Table Song!

This week, children in Year 3 have been trying to master the 4 x table. We have found it very helpful to sing our times table to the tune of ‘I’m still standing’. Below is the link so that children can practise their 4 x table at home!

Mrs Smith

Young Writers Poetry Competition

Year 3 have been working really hard on their entries for the ‘Peculiar Pets’ themed Young Writers poetry competition for this year. Children were tasked with creating a peculiar pet, designing it and then writing a poem all about their chosen design.

I have been extremely impressed with some of the entries that have been written by the children in Year 3 and I’m sure we will be very successful in the competition!

Here are some of the acrostic poem entries for the competition:

Mind reading rabbit

Inside your mind he explores

Never spoken secrets

Desert living creature

Right at the top of a razor sharp cactus

Eyes of hypnotic, ruby red, staring at me!

Always covered by red rimmed sunglasses

Dark lenses hiding his strange gift

Ears that flop over his eyes

Reveal not what you think of him!

Dinodog is very scary

It’s got big, green scales

No human has seen it before

Out of the ordinary, he has giant spikes

Dog and dinosaur fused together

Orange horn on top of his head

God can’t even take him down.

Dark of night and he explores

In the night he feasts

Never walk up close to him

Or you will get eaten

Right now he is sleeping

At nightime he will be smelling his prey

Be very careful

Because he lives in the jungle

It would be dangerous to meet him

The dinorabbit was wandering last night.

Right at the top of a coconut tree

Ocean swimming cat

Buttons ready to be pressed

Outdoor nocturnal living cat

Cat food made out of nowhere

Amazed, he can dive into the sea

The famous robocat.

Oil pastel cave paintings by Year 3

Children have continued to experiment with different media in Art; this week it was the turn of oil pastels! Children tried really hard to create vibrant cave paintings using a range of colours that would have been available during the Stone Age. The end results were extremely effective!

Our finished mystery stories!

Today, the children in Year 3 have worked really hard to complete their final copy of their mystery story ‘Flotsam’. The children have been focusing on presenting their work to a high standard and the end results make a fantastic read!