Anti Bullying Week

This week is anti bullying week and in a Year 3 we have been talking about bullying and the effect it can have on others. Pupils worked in pairs and were asked to write down ‘what is a bully’ on anonymous post it notes which we stuck on the white board to share with the rest of the class.

We then discussed things that could happen in or out of school that might be classed as bullying or might make someone feel upset. Each pair were asked to come up with an unkind word to write on a post it note. Words children came up with included stupid, fat, ugly, smelly and idiot. We then talked about how this might make someone feel. Children came up with words such as embarrassed, upset, useless, unworthy and depressed.

Children were then asked to come up with kind words or phrases. They came up with words such as ‘pretty, smart, clever’ and phrases such as ‘I like your hair today’ and ‘I love your coat’. We then talked about how these words might make us feel. Words included happy, loved, appreciated and confident.

We finished off the afternoon by talking about how we can help to change things for those being bullied. A simple act of kindness, a smile or an ‘are you feeling ok?’ could really change someone’s day. Here’s what we’re going to do to help!

Mixing Primary Colours

Today in Art we learnt about primary and secondary colours. We used powder paint to experiment mixing new colours using just the three primary colours. We mixed various light and dark shades to create our colour charts.

Kexborough Students Are Scientists!

On the afternoon of Friday 8th November, the whole school took part in science experiments to celebrate World Science Day. We discussed how science is relevant to our lives and how without it, we wouldn’t have half of the things we have today. Have a look below at some of the photographs taken during our afternoon celebrating World Science Day. All of the children from FS1 through to Year 6 demonstrated engagement and curiosity during their experiments. Please see individual class blogs for more details on what we got up to!

Secret Agent Scientists!

This week we are celebrating World Science Day which is happening on Sunday 10th November. To celebrate this each class will be taking part in a science experiment to show our recognition towards science and all it’s done for our world.

Today in Science we received a letter from James Bond asking us to help him to build a parachute. During his last mission his parachute failed so he needed Year 3 to help him build a new one. We wanted to find out how surface area affected the air resistance of a parachute. To do this we worked in small groups to create 3 parachutes using a small, medium and a large bag. We talked about how to make it a fair test and the importance of using the same weight and dropping from the same height each time to ensure the results were accurate. We timed each parachute and found out that the smaller bags dropped much quicker than the larger bags. Therefore the larger the surface area, the more air resistant the parachute is. We wrote back to James Bond telling him to build a parachute with a large surface area!

Bonfire Night!

This afternoon we were learning about bonfire night and the traditions behind the popular celebration. We had a discussion based around ‘what bonfire night means to us’ and came up with ideas such as fireworks, Guy Fawkes, toffee apples and bright colours. We looked at various examples of poems including the famous ‘Remember remember the 5th of November’ before going on to create our own. We used poetic techniques such as rhyme, metaphors and acrostic styles before performing them in front of the class.

Bulb Planting

Today, pupils in Year 3 had the opportunity to visit Kexborough Rec to take part in a local daffodil bulb planting project running in the local community. We learnt about why we had to plant the bulbs in the winter and pupils listened extremely well to the project leaders. We also really enjoyed getting our hands dirty! Well done to all children for being excellent representatives of Kexborough Primary School! We can’t wait to come back in the Spring to see the benefits of our hard work.

Democratic Debate!

In history we have been learning about the change from Stone Age hunter/gatherer to the start of farming. We discussed the benefits and limitations of being a hunter or a farmer in the Stone Age before voting on which one we would rather be! Interestingly, all the girls wanted to be farmers and the boys wanted to be hunters. We had a good old debate about our reasons for our choice.

Headteacher’s Award!

This week this pupil was nominated for the special head teachers award assembly. She was nominated for her fantastic adventure story she had planned and written in English. It was clear, well structured and grammatically correct, as well as exciting! A huge well done!

Rocks in the UK!

Today we have been learning about well known rocks in the UK. We have learnt about Great Harry Rock in Dorset, Brimham rocks in North Yorkshire, Giants Causeway in Northern Island, Bowder rock in Cumbria and the well known Staffa rock formation in Scotland. We learnt about the types of rocks they were and how they were formed before using an atlas to place them on a map of Britain.

Harvest Festival

Today KS2 children had the privilege of attending Darton Church to celebrate the harvest festival. In English we had been focusing on poems to perform and had created our own acrostic harvest poems. Five children from our class were given the opportunity to perform these poems to parents, staff and pupils who attended the harvest festival. Well done to these children- you were all brilliant.