Simple maths!

In maths today pupils have been experimenting making 3 digit numbers with just 4 simple counters by placing them in a grid. We came up with so many different representations and then ordered them as a challenge!

Cave Paintings!

Our art work this half term is linked to our Stone Age topic so we have been learning about cave paintings. We have researched various paintings using the internet and have been practicing different techniques to create our own cave art. So far we have used pencils, chalk and paints to experiment. We even turned all the lights out in our classroom to imagine how hard it must have been to paint in a dark cave! We will be practicing new techniques over the next few weeks to produce our cave art masterpiece at the end of this half term.

Marvellous Maths

Welcome back to school and a huge welcome to our new Year 3 children who have taken the step up to Key Stage 2. We are straight back in to learning this morning and have been experimenting representing three digit numbers in Maths.

Stone Age hunters!

Today we became real life Stone Age hunters! We had our own weapons to try out on the field so we could understand how difficult it was for Stone Age people to hunt their own food. We discussed how we often take for granted being able to go to Asda and just pick our food off the shelf. In the times of the Stone Age every meal they needed they had to hunt or gather their own resources. We used this experience to write about the Stone Age diet and we then went on to design our very own Stone Age menu!

Investigating Rocks

Our science topic this half term is rocks and soils. We have been investigating different types of rocks and testing their permeability and durability with a carasol of investigations. We learnt how to group rocks based on their properties and used books and iPads to find out more information.

The Stone Age!

What would we do if we took away our luxuries? Our computers, our iPads and our mobile phones? What if we took away our favourite foods? Pizza, ice cream and chocolate cake? Imagine a world with no cars, no electricity and no heating in our homes? We asked pupils to imagine a world without any of the things we have today. Here.. we enter the Stone Age!

We went back in time over 3 million years ago to a time where things were very different to the lives we live today. We provided interesting images of artefacts for children to look at and discuss on their tables before generating any questions they have about the Stone Age.