Kexborough Students Are Scientists!

On the afternoon of Friday 8th November the whole school took part in science experiments to celebrate World Science Day. We talked about how science is relevant to our lives and how without it we wouldn’t have half of the things we have today. Have a look below at some of the photographs taken during our afternoon celebrating World Science Day. All children from FS1 through to Year 6 demonstrated engagement and curiosity during their experiments. Please see individual class blogs for more details on what we got up to!

Year 4 are Hands On

Last week, we were looking at division. At the start of the week, a lot of us could not divide with remainders e.g 25 divided by 3. This was picked up on our cold task. A lot of this was down to our times tables (which we all need to keep working on) but some was down to not understanding the nature of remainders. To help us overcome this, we completed a lot of work on Braining Camp and got hands on with the cuisenaire rods. This really helped most of us and by the end of the week, most of us were not just able to complete division with reminders but to link this to using the bus stop method in more formal methods for calculations. It was also great to see some children applying these skills in one-step and two-step word problems.

Year 4 are Artists

This term, we have linked our art work to our current topic (Ancient Greece). We have been looking at Greek vases. We have been building up week on week within our art lessons to learn the skills needed to be fantastic artists and create our final masterpiece. Some of our children do not have very high self-esteem when it comes to art but they have found this week by week approach much more beneficial and I can really see the results in the final pieces of work. We have completed a lot of researching and annotating to find out what the Ancient Greek Vases looked like and why they were formed in the way that they were formed. We have also looked at completing a range of patterns, using different shades of pencil and adding surface detail all in line with our Year 4 art curriculum. We have created a Year 4 Art display outside of our classroom. Come and have a look!

Year 4 are Scientists!

As it is World Science Day today (10/11/19), on Friday (08/11/19) we completed a full afternoon of science to celebrate this. We completed an investigation which linked to our States of Matter topic. This was our final lesson on States of Matter before we start Animals Including Humans next week. We completed a condensation experiment which also linked to our previous work completed on evaporation.

We boiled some water and put it in a beaker. We then covered the beaker with cling film. On top of the cling film, we placed some ice. We studied the results and we were fascinated with the results.

As we have previously learned, the water evaporated but then as the water vapour rose and came into contact with the ice it cooled then turned back into a liquid and formed small water droplets on the side of the beaker and underneath the clingfilm. Every so often, we noticed that a droplet of water fell back into the water. WE HAD CREATED OUR VERY OWN WATER CYCLE!

To pair is to share

In Year 4, we have been trying to complete a lot of paired work in our English. This way we can help each other to improve our own ideas and give other children ideas that they might not have thought about before. We enjoy peer marking and telling other children what they should improve on in their work. This is mostly stated in a constructive manner and we are using our peer critique sentence starters to help us with this.

Year 4 are still scientists

Year 4 have completed another interesting experiment in science. We have been looking at evaporation and we decided to see whether the temperature of a room would affect the amount of water evaporated. As a class, we decided to put our liquid (water) in two separate rooms in our school. We placed one beaker in the stock room (17 degrees Celsius) and another beaker just above the radiator in our classroom (48 degrees Celsius). As a class, we noticed two big differences. The water that had been in the classroom -above the radiator- had reduced from 300ml to 290ml which shows that 10ml of water had been evaporated over the 24 hours. On the other hand, the water that had been in the cold stock room had stayed exactly the same. The other difference that we noted was that the water that had been in the classroom had small bubbles in, however, the water that was in the stock room was clear. This was because the heat had started to pass energy to the water molecules which began to form these bubbles as part of the evaporation process.

Year 4 are writers

In year 4, we have been describing a range of settings. We have looked at a sunny setting, a snowy setting and a spine-chilling setting. Our favourite was definitely the haunted house and we were able to find some extraordinary vocabulary which we were able to include into our descriptions. We were specifically looking for sentences that made sense, expanded noun phrases, prepositional phrases and interesting verbs.

Year 4 Harvest

Last week, we walked down to Darton Church to celebrate Harvest with Father Tim. We all took canned foods which would be able to be given to people who need it more than us. Barnsley already does a fantastic job helping feed the hungry and we want to do whatever we can to help even more. There are still so many people that are hungry in the world and we need to do something about it! As part of our celebrations, we learned and performed the song ‘Let it grow,’ which was an adaptation of the Frozen favourite ‘Let it go.’ We hope all of the adults enjoyed it and really listened to the words and the message that we were trying to convey.

Year 4 are readers!

As part of our homework, we have all brought in our favourite books from home. I have made sure that the children have had time to read them and they have also shared to the rest of the class why they like them so much. Some of the children have already told me that they are going to ask for some of these books for Christmas so that is fantastic.

Key Stage 2 are athletes!

Yesterday, children from Key Stage 2 travelled to Barnsley College to take part in a cross country competition. I knew that we were in a good position before we set off with the implementation of the Daily Mile across Key Stage 2. I didn’t know how good a position we were in until we arrived and began running. It was soon clear just how good our runners were. We were able to win the Year 3 girls, Year 4 girls, Year 5 girls and Year 6 girls’ races. This was a tremendous achievement for us and shows that the extra after school clubs that we have been running for the Y3, 4, 5 and 6 girls is beginning to have an impact. In addition to this, we also won the Y4 boys’ race. Our Year 4 boy ran an outstanding time and actually beat all of the Year 5 times. I am still awaiting results of the Year 6 times but a huge congratulations to this future potential Olympian. Overall, we also won the team competition which was a tremendous achievement. Everybody that finished their race gained points for our team so it really was a team race. GO TEAM KEXBOROUGH!