Art Attack!

Today, we have been exploring the skills and techniques needed for using papier-mâché. We are learning about Greek theatre masks and we are building the skills needed to make our own. We have been using papier-mâché to creating the features for the masks. The features have to be very large to ensure that when they were acting, people at the back of the theatres would be able to see them. Hopefully, the children were not too messy when they came home today. Say to say, the same can’t be said about the tables at school. Thanks as ever to my super helpers for getting everything set up and put away!

Year 4 Children in Need 2020

On Friday, our class was able to come to school in non-uniform. We all brought in £1 and the money went towards Children in Need. This is a fantastic charity and our school gets behind it every year. Well done to all children who dressed up in some fantastic outfits. Thank you for your generosity and your creativity.

Year 4 Are “All in This Together”

This week, we have joined back as a full class for our morning learning. This has been really enjoyable and it has been fantastic for me, as a teacher, to be able to see all of the abilities that the children have especially those children that I don’t normally see on a morning. The children have been fantastic with this change to routine and behaviour, on the whole, has been very impressive. Keep it up!

Year 4 are Poets

Over the past two weeks, the children have been analysing, creating and performing their own version of a “Sound Collector” poem which was originally written by Roger McGough. They have really enjoyed this and we have linked this to sounds that could be heard at school. They have been learning about different verbs, syllables and rhyme. Well done to all of the children that took part!

Introducing the idea of a Book Club to Y4

A club where we can share our love of reading with our friends and classmates, whenever and wherever; during our lunch breaks, at playtime, afterschool anywhere that we feel comfortable. Reading for pleasure is great way to learn new vocabulary, stretch our imagination, learn about what inspired the author(s) to write the books and dazzle at the amazing artwork the illustrators use to bring stories and book covers alive.

Did you know that over 10,000 NEW children’s books are published each year in the UK?

Issue 252: 10 October 2020

The Week Junior ( is an award-winning current affairs magazine for children aged 8–14. Filled with fascinating news and engaging information, it feeds curious young minds and helps children make sense of the world. Features include news from around the world, debates, interesting information about people who have made a difference, facts about animals and the environment, new discoveries in science and technology, such as the invention by Gravity Industries who’s latest invention includes a ‘jet suit which can generate up to 1,050 horsepower – the same power as a Ferrari FXX-K supercar’, enabling a man to fly!!’

The magazines also promotes its own book club showcasing NEW books like ‘The Beast and the Bethany‘ by Jack Meggitt-Phillips. Illustrated by Isabelle Follath. The book was published on 1st October 2020.

Mrs Cook is looking forward to sharing this book with Year 4, next week. With lots of twists and turns, this weird and wacky story is funny and delightfully dark, with hints of authors Roald Dahl and Lemony Snicket.

The Week Junior are giving away five copies of The Beast and the Bethany. For a chance to win a copy, just send your name and address to and put BEAST in the subject line. Closing date: midnight on Friday 23 October. See for rules. No purchase of the magazine is necessary.

An introduction to our ‘BOOKFLIX’ reading corner.

Our ‘BOOKFLIX’ display is an exciting corner in the classroom. This is where Y4 children can search and browse reading material to engage their imaginations choosing from:
New releases. Recently added. Trending now.

Last week the class were given an exclusive sampler of SHOE WARS written by the multi-million bestselling author and illustrator Liz Pichon (who likes shoes not war). An introduction from Liz in the front cover explained how she’s very excited that we will get to read the first chapter of her brand new book.

She goes on to explain how it is set in SHOE TOWN and features a whole host of footastic (new word) characters and plenty of shoes with gadgets. She said she had a lot of fun inventing and drawing all of them. And that she really hopes they SPARK our imagination and that we enjoy stepping into SHOE WARS.

In a class discussion a week later we discovered that the book would be launched on 15th October 2020. Mrs Cook introduced the class to a weekly publication called ‘The Junior Weekly‘. In the magazine Liz Pichon explained how she was inspired to write SHOE WARS. Based on the real-life story of brothers Adolf and Rudolf Dassler. For years the two lived and worked together, making shoes in a small German town. However, after an argument in 1948 they started rival companies. The brands the Dassiers set up were Adidas and Puma – two of the world’s biggest shoe companies. Liz’s adventure story is about Ruby and Bear Foot, who live in Shoe Town. They must stop villainous Wendy Wedge from finding their dad’s new invention – a pair of flying shoes…



Our children have been able to enjoy some of their favourite books during their SQUIRT session. SQUIRT stands for Sustained, Quiet, Uninterrupted, Independent, Reading, Time. Mrs Ellis and I really enjoy listening to children read during this time and it can be a really personal time where we can learn about what type of books the children enjoy reading. In addition to this, it is obviously really important for children to read aloud as much as possible. See if you can spot yourself reading below.

Year 4 Science Lesson

Today, we completed a scientific experiment where we looked at whether items from a shop would melt at room temperature. Mr Brocksom went to the shop and bought: some ice cubes, an ice cream, a pop ice, a chocolate bar, some butter and some sweets. We made our predictions and set out the rules on how to make it a fair test. We left the items for an hour to see what would happen as we completed PE. We came back and found some very interesting results. The pop ice, ice cubes and ice-cream had completely melted. The butter had started to melt but not gone completely. The sweets and the chocolate bar remained in the same condition. Tomorrow, we are going to write up our results. Year 4 are very good at writing in all areas of the curriculum and the Science books are prime examples of this.

WOW Moments

Well done to these two boys for receiving a WOW certificate this week. One received it from Mrs Ellis for the fantastic progress he has been making in English (specifically his writing). The other has received it for his outstanding presentation and content of his writing in Science and Topic. Well done boys!

Break Times

Break times currently look quite different to the way they used to be. This has not stopped our children from enjoying themselves and exploring more friendships within their own bubble. Children are enjoying playing with the equipment that has been provided for their bubble. I always enjoy joining in with a game of catch with the children when it is my break duty. Keep on having fun! We all need a break sometime!