Year 4 Greek Masks

As part of Art this half term, we are looking at creating Greek masks using papier-mâché. As we have never used this technique before, we had a skills lesson on Friday afternoon. We created different features using tin foil and then covered them with papier-mâché. We learnt a lot and produced some really interesting initial designs. We have to make sure that our tin foil features are large enough to be able to be seen from far away and that we fully cover them to ensure that no tin foil is shown. We also need to make sure that our masks do not get too wet and that we ensure that we use just enough of the mixture. Miss MacKay came into our lesson when we were critiquing our work and she was really impressed with what she saw. Well done Year 4! I can’t wait to see the final designs.


Today, we have been learning about ancient Greek warfare. We really enjoyed dressing this boy up and we learnt a lot about the different weapons that they used. The spear (meter stick) was the main hoplite weapon. The bronze helmet (sweet tin) was used for protection during battle. The shield (equipment box) was used for protection and were a symbol of a soldier’s bravery. The cuirass (whiteboards) were bronze plates that were suck together to protect the body of a soldier. The tunic (jumper) was used as an item of clothing to promote good mobility. Finally, soldiers would have a sword for battling up close with an opponent. Would you dare take on this fearsome warrior?

Year 4 Are Scientists

Yesterday, we completed a Science investigation which looked specifically at the weight of air. We compared an inflated and deflated balloon to see which weighed heavier. We made a prediction and then tested our hypothesis. Ask us at home to see how our investigation played out. Which balloon was heavier?

Year 4 Inference

Today, we have been learning about inference style questions in Guided Reading. We were looking at the thoughts and emotions of different characters. As a bit of a warm up, we played a game where a child had to act out different emotions. He had to show that he was feeling: happy, sad, angry and nervous. The rest of the class had to explain ensuring that they use the conjunction because. See if you can guess how he was feeling.

Adverbs of Manner

Today, we have been learning about adverbs of manner. We started with a bit of drama where a child had to walk in a number of different manners. The adverbs of manner he chose were: angrily, happily and fancily.

We Love Hockey!

Today, we had Ben come in to deliver a taster session to our Year 3 and Year 4 classes. He was really impressive and it was a pleasure to have him in our school. As Year 4 missed hockey last year due to Covid, he started with the basics of how to hold the stick and how to dribble using the correct technique. He made it fun, challenging and competitive. There is a hockey club that is going to be running at Darton College and I will give you more details about it when I am forwarded them. It would be great to see some of our children going up especially with it being so close.

Athens Vs Sparta

Today, we have been looking at the differences between Athens and Sparta. We could not believe how different they were! An interesting fact that we found out was that if a baby was born sick or weak in Sparta, they would be thrown off a cliff. The Athenians believed in learning and would spend time reading, writing and going to plays. On the other hand, Spartans would just concentrate on learning to battle and keeping as fit as possible. Which city state (polis) would you rather be from?

Fantastic Footballers

As part of a KS2 initiative, we have employed a sports coach using our PE and Sport premium. We have targeted girls across KS2 to try to help diminish the gender gap that is apparent across school within football. By doing this, we aim to improve: the skills, confidence and resilience of our girls in football. At Kexborough, we have a huge push on girls in sport. The girls can do whatever they put their mind to and we will all be here to support them every step of the way.


The children have been working really hard with their multiplication facts, getting ready for the Multiplication Check at the end of the year. We have been practising with the numbers on a keyboard to help get the children ready to use it during their assessment. Within class, we are completing a multiplication booklet and we are going to be having certain timestable for certain half terms where everything will be about one specific timestable. Keep trying as hard as you can on TTRockStars and try to move your character forward on our class display, just like the two children in the photograph.

Music Madness!

Our children have been learning about finding the pulse of a piece of music. The song they have been listening to is Mamma Mia by Abba. They are practising singing it and completing different actions to represent the pulse. Have a look at the photographs below and see if you can spot yourself.