Fun in the sun

This afternoon all the children have been playing team games including dodgeball and kick rounders. Even though the children were keeping their distance this didn’t stop them from having fun. Afterwards, all the children used powder paints to paint rainbows on the playground. It was really nice to see the older children working with the younger ones to make their masterpieces. All the children enjoyed being creative and some even managed to paint themselves! Have a look below to see what we have been up to.

Leeds City Museum

On Friday, as part of our topic on the Ancient Greeks, our class took a trip to Leeds City Museum. A big thank you goes to Mrs Cook, Mr Rudkin and Mr Pitts for joining myself and the rest of the class. We had a very enjoyable day exploring the museum. We searched through the Ancient Worlds section which looked at the Ancient Egyptians, the Ancient Greeks and the Ancient Romans. This was really useful as we already have a good knowledge about Ancient Egypt as we learned about it last year. Obviously, as we are currently learning about Ancient Greece, this was a great way to embed our learning. It is also a fantastic opportunity for pre-learning as our next topic is Ancient Rome. A big thank you goes to all of the children that represent our school well by behaving and showing off te knowledge that they have already been learning.

Children in Need

BBC Children in Need exists to change the lives of disadvantaged children and young people across the UK. Their vision is that every child in the UK has a safe, happy and secure childhood and the chance to reach their potential.

BBC Children in Need is currently supporting over 2,800 projects in communities across the UK that are helping children and young people facing a range of disadvantages such as living in poverty, being disabled or ill, or experiencing distress, neglect or trauma. In the last grant year alone, support has helped change the lives of over 589,000 disadvantaged children and young people, right here in the UK.

Today, our children dressed up and brought in a voluntary contribution which will all be set off to Pudsey and his team. We raised a fantastic £202.10 so thank you to everybody that contributed.

Year 4 and 5 are Entrepreneurs

Yesterday, we were visited by Paul and he set up an enterprise day for us to take part in. It was a fantastic opportunity for all of us to develop our entrepreneurial skills. We had to create our very own fun day that we would set up if we were to take over Barnsley football club for the day. We had to work as a team, stick to a budget and present our ideas to the judging panel. The winning team gets to go to the Metrodome to the finals day and if they win there, they will actually get the once in a lifetime opportunity to run the day at the last home game of the season at Oakwell against Nottingham Forest. The winning team were The Snakes so congratulations and good luck in the final!

Kexborough Students Are Scientists!

On the afternoon of Friday 8th November, the whole school took part in science experiments to celebrate World Science Day. We discussed how science is relevant to our lives and how without it, we wouldn’t have half of the things we have today. Have a look below at some of the photographs taken during our afternoon celebrating World Science Day. All of the children from FS1 through to Year 6 demonstrated engagement and curiosity during their experiments. Please see individual class blogs for more details on what we got up to!

Year 4 are Hands On

Last week, we were looking at division. At the start of the week, a lot of us could not divide with remainders e.g 25 divided by 3. This was picked up on our cold task. A lot of this was down to our times tables (which we all need to keep working on) but some was down to not understanding the nature of remainders. To help us overcome this, we completed a lot of work on Braining Camp and got hands on with the cuisenaire rods. This really helped most of us and by the end of the week, most of us were not just able to complete division with reminders but to link this to using the bus stop method in more formal methods for calculations. It was also great to see some children applying these skills in one-step and two-step word problems.

Year 4 are Artists

This term, we have linked our art work to our current topic (Ancient Greece). We have been looking at Greek vases. We have been building up week on week within our art lessons to learn the skills needed to be fantastic artists and create our final masterpiece. Some of our children do not have very high self-esteem when it comes to art but they have found this week by week approach much more beneficial and I can really see the results in the final pieces of work. We have completed a lot of researching and annotating to find out what the Ancient Greek Vases looked like and why they were formed in the way that they were formed. We have also looked at completing a range of patterns, using different shades of pencil and adding surface detail all in line with our Year 4 art curriculum. We have created a Year 4 Art display outside of our classroom. Come and have a look!

Year 4 are Scientists!

As it is World Science Day today (10/11/19), on Friday (08/11/19) we completed a full afternoon of science to celebrate this. We completed an investigation which linked to our States of Matter topic. This was our final lesson on States of Matter before we start Animals Including Humans next week. We completed a condensation experiment which also linked to our previous work completed on evaporation.

We boiled some water and put it in a beaker. We then covered the beaker with cling film. On top of the cling film, we placed some ice. We studied the results and we were fascinated with the results.

As we have previously learned, the water evaporated but then as the water vapour rose and came into contact with the ice it cooled then turned back into a liquid and formed small water droplets on the side of the beaker and underneath the clingfilm. Every so often, we noticed that a droplet of water fell back into the water. WE HAD CREATED OUR VERY OWN WATER CYCLE!

To pair is to share

In Year 4, we have been trying to complete a lot of paired work in our English. This way we can help each other to improve our own ideas and give other children ideas that they might not have thought about before. We enjoy peer marking and telling other children what they should improve on in their work. This is mostly stated in a constructive manner and we are using our peer critique sentence starters to help us with this.