Braining Camp

This child has had one of his best maths lessons of the year. He has been dividing which sometimes he struggles with. However, today he has been using braining camp which is one of our favourite websites in Year 4. He has been using interactive cuisenaire rods to count up to given numbers. He has then been able to complete the number sentence and has received a green. Well done!

Year 4 Are Art Critics!

In Year 4, we will be creating some Greek Vases. In our art books, we have been evaluating some examples of Greek vases. We have found pictures and annotated what they look like. We have identified that they used patterns and characters linking to their daily life. On Friday, we looked at some specific patterns that were used and tried to create our own versions. Over the next few weeks, we are going to develop more of our skills using different pencil types and building up our skills until we can create our final masterpiece. In addition to this, we have been using our peer critique wall and critiquing each other’s work. We have celebrated what has gone well and suggested what could be improved. It was great to see children using the sentence stems to help them make suggestions and give praise.

Athens Vs Sparta

As part of our ‘Ancient Greece’ topic, we have been looking at two of the largest and most powerful city states: Athens and Sparta. We have looked at where each of the cities settled and the benefits that each had to offer from settling there. Athens was near the sea so was able to use it for transport, trade and socialising. One of our children noticed the similarities between this and the fact that the Ancient Egyptians settled near the Rive Nile which they learned about last Year in Year 3.  Sparta was an inland state but they did not let this bother them. They wouldn’t trade with their neighbours as they would just take what they wanted. After learning some of the key facts, we completed some hot seating in which we were able to speak to an actual Spartan and an Athenian.

Speeding Tickets

A number of children have been caught speeding and have received three points on their licence! The three points mentioned are in fact Dojo points and the speeding actually consists of reading fluently, reading with expression and having a good understanding of what they have read. At the end of the month, the tickets will be sent home and children will have the opportunity to earn a new one.

Year 4 are Scientists!

This year, we are having a huge push on science and ensuring that our children are practically developing their scientific skills whilst improving their knowledge of the science curriculum. This first term, we are looking at ‘States of Matter’ and we have already completed two practical investigations to develop our knowledge and understanding of solids, liquids and gases. Thanks to Mrs Cook, we also have a vocabulary wall that shows all of the words that we understand that have been identified from our Year 4 long term science plans. Parents, you can test us on any of the words that are on the right hand side. I am sure that the majority of the children will be able to explain them in detail.

Fabulous Homework

A big well done to all of the children below on bringing in their first piece of homework. They had to research our new topic ‘Ancient Greece’ and the children thought of some absolutely fantastic ways of showing off their new knowledge. Well done to all!

Multiplication + Division

In Year 4, we have been learning how to multiply and divide by 10 and 100. We have been struggling a little bit. However, with the aid of our practical lesson, we are a lot more confident with the method now. We will be putting these types of calculations onto our rapid recall sheets for the next few weeks to ensure that we retain the skill.