Enterprise Day

This week, the year 5 and 6 pupils took part in an enterprise day. The children had to work in groups of 4 to design, plan and create a presentation to showcase to the three judges at the end of the day. Pupils had to work together to design a brand new bubble bath product for a company called ‘Crazy Kids’. As a team, they had to design the bottle, the logo, choose a mascot, work out the costing, choose colours and design a special feature. They then had to write a script and pitch their product to three judges at the end of the day. The winning team will get to attend ‘Enterprise Day’ next June and compete against all of the other schools in Barnsley! The overall winners will have their product created by Crazy Kids! The children absolutely loved the enterprise day and the level of teamwork and commitment that went in to the products was fantastic to see. See below for some photos of the day and we will reveal our finalists!

Here are our 1st, 2nd and 3rd winners of the day! Well done to the winners who came first place with their product ‘Jungle Bubble!’.

Murton Park

Today, the children in Year 5 visited Murton Park for a Viking experience day. We dressed up and spent the day in Viking houses, making bread, farming, playing games, making oil lamps and collecting firewood. We also learnt how to be successful Viking warriors by learning how to use a shield, spear and to charge at the enemy! The children have had a fantastic day and have experienced first hand, the life of a Viking settler!

Our first week in Year 5!

Welcome back Year 5! We have had such an exciting first week back. Here are some of the things we have been getting up to…

We started off our art topic by experimenting with painting techniques. We will be working towards a ‘seascapes’ masterpiece which links closely to our topic of the Vikings. To enable us to learn the skills we need to complete this masterpiece, the pupils in Year 5 experimented with colour mixing and used various resources such as sponges, toothbrushes and splatter painting to create different effects.

Our first block of P.E is based around multi-skills and we had four mini circuits set up to enable the children to practice skills such as balance, control, running, jumping, throwing and agility. This was an opportunity for children to get outside, have a go at the different activities and to identify their strengths and areas for development. It was a great, fun packed lesson and even the sun managed to come out for us!

This week we have started our new class novel- Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Our classroom is decorated with all things ‘Hogwarts’ and what better way to start off the year by placing the children in to the four house teams- Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw!

Of course, it wasn’t really down to us to choose the houses for the children. It was the sorting hat who made all the difficult decisions! Have a look below to see the pupils being sorted in to their houses, by no other than the sorting hat himself!

We then spent the rest of the afternoon making our own spells and potions! We had some very imaginative spells created for powers such as strength, taking flight, beauty, invisibility and we even had a very own love potion!

In Science, we have started our new topic ‘Materials’. This week we learnt how to describe the properties of materials and how to group materials based on their properties. We worked in groups to compare the properties and explain why certain materials are used for different things.

Den building

A fun filled morning of den building!

The children had to work in teams of 6 to construct their own dens using available resources such as wooden sticks, zip ties, pegs and tarpaulin. Year 5 were amazing at team work and created some fantastic dens as you can see below. A morning out in the fresh air, working together and building dens is just what we needed!

The only problem was.. we don’t think our dens were all that waterproof!

National Space Centre

The children in Year 5 have had a fantastic day at the National Space Centre! We started off the day with a workshop and an interactive quiz to test our knowledge about the Sun, Earth and Moon. This linked well to our science topic and the children were able to show off their previous learning and expertise on the subject.

We then went on to the 360 degree planetarium where we watched a show all about becoming an astronaut. We learnt what skills were needed to travel to space and were surprised to learn just how much prior training was needed! Our class verdict was very split when we voted on whether or not we still wanted to travel to space after learning what was involved!

We then spent the afternoon exploring the rocket towers and the galleries! There were so many fantastic things to explore and the children thoroughly enjoyed investigating all things to do with space exploration. We have had such a fantastic day and the children were so well behaved. They didn’t want to leave when it was time to get back on the coach!

Art and Design

This half term we have been designing and creating our own pencil cases out of fabric. We have looked at various designs, personalised features and fastenings and used these in order to design our own creations. The children chose their own fabric and had to decide whether to use a zip, buttons or press studs to fasten it. We had to ensure our designs were fit for purpose and aesthetically pleasing for a Year 5 child. Over the last 6 weeks we have practiced various sewing techniques to enable us to complete a finished piece to be proud of. Here are some of the finished pencil cases below:

Skipping workshop

Despite the rainy day which meant we had to move the lesson indoors, Year 5 loved the skipping workshop this afternoon!

Starting at beginners level, the children learnt many new skills which they can now practice with our brand new skipping ropes. Some of us were pro‘s by the end of the hour and could double jump and twist. Even the confident skippers managed to learn some new skills!

Number Day

For number day, the children in Year 5 have been playing young entrepreneur‘s for the day! The children have worked in groups of 6s to design a brand new product for the children of Kexborough Primary School. Linking closely to our PSHE lessons and assemblies, the children have designed a brand new fruit juice to promote healthy eating and fitness in school.

We first had to gather data to find out what flavours and fruits were popular amongst children and we presented these in a bar chart:

We then spent the next part of the morning designing our products and creating a pitch board. We had to stick to a a budget, work out the cost of ingredients and work out the overall profit of our business as well as coming up with a name, a slogan and a recipe including accurate measurements of products we would use.

After finalising our products, it was time for the advertisements! We were given an advertisement budget and had to shout about our product by creating posters, radio scripts and podcasts. Children had to work out what they could afford with their budget and created some great marketing resources!

This afternoon it was time to bring our ideas to life and create our product! Children had to accurately measure the ingredients using measuring jugs and weighing scales to ensure they were sticking to their recipe. They worked together as a team to create their very own fruit juice! We thought they were delicious.

To finish off our day, we all had the opportunity to pitch our product and our ideas to the rest of the class. The children have worked so well today in their groups and have all contributed in order to design and create a fantastic product with lots of fun real life math scenarios to keep our brains busy! Well done Year 5.


Over the last 2 weeks the children in Year 5 became journalists to report a recent shocking scandal that occurred on Fairy-tale Avenue. The Three Little Pigs were accused of killing the Big Bad Wolf when they placed a pot of boiling water under their chimney. Were the Three Little Pigs guilty? Or was it a case of self defence? Here are some of the journalistic newspaper reports produced by the children in Year 5.

Christmas Jumper Day

This afternoon in Year 5 we have been getting in the Christmas spirit! We wore Christmas jumpers, had Christmas party lunch boxes and watched the Chronicles of Christmas. We are all feeling very festive after this afternoon!