Key Stage 2 are athletes!

Yesterday, children from Key Stage 2 travelled to Barnsley College to take part in a cross country competition. I knew that we were in a good position before we set off with the implementation of the Daily Mile across Key Stage 2. I didn’t know how good a position we were in until we arrived and began running. It was soon clear just how good our runners were. We were able to win the Year 3 girls, Year 4 girls, Year 5 girls and Year 6 girls’ races. This was a tremendous achievement for us and shows that the extra after school clubs that we have been running for the Y3, 4, 5 and 6 girls is beginning to have an impact. In addition to this, we also won the Y4 boys’ race. Our Year 4 boy ran an outstanding time and actually beat all of the Year 5 times. I am still awaiting results of the Year 6 times but a huge congratulations to this future potential Olympian. Overall, we also won the team competition which was a tremendous achievement. Everybody that finished their race gained points for our team so it really was a team race. GO TEAM KEXBOROUGH!

Year 6 Getting Systematic!

In Year 6, we have been learning all about the different systems in the human body.

To help us understand how the circulatory system works, we created our own. We had a heart and two lungs (well, they are twins!)

We used ropes to represent the veins and arteries. In our blood, we represented red and white blood cells and germs, which the white blood cells tried to push out of the veins and arteries. There were also platelets and plasma in the blood.