Sugar Crystal Sparklers

To celebrate science week we decided to be scientists and carry out our own experiment!

We started with boiling hot water, which we were very careful not to touch. We then added a cup of sugar and all helped to mix it until it had all dissolved which seemed like magic! We then added some food colouring and watched as the water changed colour. We dipped a lolly pop stick into the water and then worked together to sprinkle sugar on to the wet end. Next we had to cool the water down, thanks to a clever suggestion to put it in the fridge, the water was cool in no time.

We have left the lolly pop sticks dipped in the water to wait and see if our crystals grow!

Exploring Pumpkins

We have been exploring pumpkins in FS1. We all tried to hold the pumpkins but they were very heavy! We felt the smooth skin on the outside too. We then carefully took off the top of the pumpkin, it smelt very strong, some children thought it smelt like strawberries. We then worked as a team to scoop out all the insides of the pumpkin, it was very slimy. We saved all the seeds from our pumpkins to use later and used the pumpkins as decoration for our Halloween party!

This is me!

We have been thinking a lot about who we are, and what makes us special. So we decided to paint pictures of ourselves. We did the pictures one at a time with our teachers and used a mirror to have a really good look at our faces. We spent a lot of time talking about what makes us look like us, carefully choosing the right hair and eye colour.

They turned out fantastic!

A Special Visit

Today the children in FS1 and FS2 were so lucky to receive a visit from the cutest baby lamb. She was only one week old and was so friendly with the children. A huge thank you to the Plumstead family for this amazing opportunity. Happy Easter!