Pitch Experiment

Today, we completed a scientific experiment all about pitch. We cut different lengths of straws and investigated the pitch that was created. It was really fun we learnt a lot about this area of sound.

Number Day

On Friday 7th May, our children were able to complete a really fun day based all around numbers. They were able to come to school in clothes that were number related, they were able to complete loads of fun activities relating to Maths and we even raised a large amount of money (£300). We completed an enjoyable Buddy challenge where there were prizes given out to the winners and there was also time to go outside to complete some Maths work on the field. Everyone seemed to really enjoy the day and I am so proud of them for raising so much money. Well done everyone!

So Far So Good!

We have just got to the first break of the day and so far, so good. The children have created their base layers for the mask using Papier-mâché layering technique. We had to make sure that they were double and even triple layered to ensure that they would be stable enough to hold the features. We also had to make sure that there were no gaps. We have just started the facial features which we have practised twice already. We are going to learn from our mistakes and ensure that they are thick enough and that we don’t rush.

Christmas Dinner and Dancing

Today, we celebrated our Christmas dinner in the most unconventional approach I have seen in my time at Kexborough Primary School. This is understandable but it did not stop us from having a fantastic time as you can see by the pictures below.

Christmas Door Afternoon!

On the afternoon of 2nd December, all classes across school took part in our Christmas Door Decorating Afternoon. All the children (and staff!) had a fantastically festive afternoon, listening to Christmas songs and making decorations to display on their classroom doors. The end results look amazing and have definitely made Kexborough Primary look a little more festive!

A big thankyou to all the staff and children for their hard work and ambitious designs!

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Art Critiques

Today, we have completed a similar lesson to last week and made the features for our masks again. We have hopefully learned from our mistakes last week and will make sure that we improve in certain areas this week. We need to make sure that our features are large enough to be seen and that no tin foil is showing. We also need to make sure that we are not using too much mixture. The one other difference is that last week, we used a mixture of flour and water but this week, we are using water and PVA glue. I wonder which one will be the best… Ask your child and they will give you their opinion.

Art Attack!

Today, we have been exploring the skills and techniques needed for using papier-mâché. We are learning about Greek theatre masks and we are building the skills needed to make our own. We have been using papier-mâché to creating the features for the masks. The features have to be very large to ensure that when they were acting, people at the back of the theatres would be able to see them. Hopefully, the children were not too messy when they came home today. Say to say, the same can’t be said about the tables at school. Thanks as ever to my super helpers for getting everything set up and put away!

Year 4 Children in Need 2020

On Friday, our class was able to come to school in non-uniform. We all brought in £1 and the money went towards Children in Need. This is a fantastic charity and our school gets behind it every year. Well done to all children who dressed up in some fantastic outfits. Thank you for your generosity and your creativity.

Year 4 Are “All in This Together”

This week, we have joined back as a full class for our morning learning. This has been really enjoyable and it has been fantastic for me, as a teacher, to be able to see all of the abilities that the children have especially those children that I don’t normally see on a morning. The children have been fantastic with this change to routine and behaviour, on the whole, has been very impressive. Keep it up!

Year 4 are Poets

Over the past two weeks, the children have been analysing, creating and performing their own version of a “Sound Collector” poem which was originally written by Roger McGough. They have really enjoyed this and we have linked this to sounds that could be heard at school. They have been learning about different verbs, syllables and rhyme. Well done to all of the children that took part!