Treasure Maps!

Today we spent the day making treasure maps and hunting for Easter eggs. The children worked in two mixed age groups and worked together to design a treasure map of our school. They had to plan it, design their map, write out a series of instructions and finally hide the treasure! (an Easter egg). The groups then swapped treasure maps and had a go at solving the other teams hidden treasure puzzles. We found the eggs in the end- and finished the day off by sharing the chocolate!

Magical Measurements

On Monday the children in KS2 engaged in some practical measuring activities for our maths lesson. We designed our own recipes for a magic potion which would give us a special super hero power! The children had to design their recipe using the correct measurements and choose the most appropriate measuring equipment for their potion. We were learning how to measure to the exact millilitre which was very tricky when trying to do this in a big jug! It was great to see the children working practically and systematically to create their super hero potions.

Today’s tasks

I will soon be setting tasks on SeeSaw once I am all set up with it and I will be able to view all the exciting things you have been up to! But for today I will set some on here.

I have been practising making origami flowers. Today I learned how to make a rose. Perhaps you could have a go? You can use red card/paper or be like me and find some scrap paper lying around a use that! (Remember to check it isn’t needed anymore!) Could you make a bunch of roses and display them in your window?

How to make an origami rose

I will show you mine on SeeSaw when I am logged in – I am sure yours will all look much prettier!

Time capsule

I hope everyone is staying safe at home and looking after each other.

The period we are living in at the moment is a poignant time in history. Hopefully, we will not experience something like this again in our lifetime. It will be written in the history books and one day children will ask you “What was life like during the coronavirus?”

Because of this, I would like to encourage you to keep a diary. Everyday, make a small note about what has happened to you or what you have been doing. This does not have to be a chunky piece of writing every day – just a few notes to help you remember when you are old and grey!

It may also be nice to create a time capsule. Take an old lunchbox or something similar (remember to check with a grown up) and put some things in it to remember this time. You could write a letter to your future self about how you are feeling now and what is happening. You could include newspaper clippings (if it is safe to get a newspaper), pictures of your family you have printed off or drawn yourself. Put it all in the box and hide it somewhere you won’t come across it for a long time – an attic or under the bed!

I hope you are making the most of this time to learn new skills. Will you come back to school a budding pianist, or fantastic chef?

I can’t wait to see you all again when it is safe to do so. For now, stay safe and take care.

Year 5 and 6 Samba

On Tuesday, Year 5 and 6 learnt about Samba music with Mrs Hallas, a style of music from South American strongly associated with the Carnival. We played some beat and rhythm games before becoming associated with the instruments. We then took our performance on a sell-out tour to the Year 3s and 4s!

In the afternoon we joined the other children to play some games and paint rainbows in the playground! The childen all really enjoyed themselves, some of the, covering themselves in paint more than the floor!

Would you like to be in a Samba band? Just find some percussion instruments – these can be anything you can hit, shake or scrape. Don’t forget to ask your grown up before you go raiding the kitchen cupboards for pots and pans!

Then make up some rhythms to play to each other. If there is more than one of you, you can each play a different rhythm. Try rhythms such as “We are Kexborough Primary School” and “I love sausage rolls.”

Fun in the sun

This afternoon all the children have been playing team games including dodgeball and kick rounders. Even though the children were keeping their distance this didn’t stop them from having fun. Afterwards, all the children used powder paints to paint rainbows on the playground. It was really nice to see the older children working with the younger ones to make their masterpieces. All the children enjoyed being creative and some even managed to paint themselves! Have a look below to see what we have been up to.

Children in Need

BBC Children in Need exists to change the lives of disadvantaged children and young people across the UK. Their vision is that every child in the UK has a safe, happy and secure childhood and the chance to reach their potential.

BBC Children in Need is currently supporting over 2,800 projects in communities across the UK that are helping children and young people facing a range of disadvantages such as living in poverty, being disabled or ill, or experiencing distress, neglect or trauma. In the last grant year alone, support has helped change the lives of over 589,000 disadvantaged children and young people, right here in the UK.

Today, our children dressed up and brought in a voluntary contribution which will all be set off to Pudsey and his team. We raised a fantastic £202.10 so thank you to everybody that contributed.

Year 4 and 5 are Entrepreneurs

Yesterday, we were visited by Paul and he set up an enterprise day for us to take part in. It was a fantastic opportunity for all of us to develop our entrepreneurial skills. We had to create our very own fun day that we would set up if we were to take over Barnsley football club for the day. We had to work as a team, stick to a budget and present our ideas to the judging panel. The winning team gets to go to the Metrodome to the finals day and if they win there, they will actually get the once in a lifetime opportunity to run the day at the last home game of the season at Oakwell against Nottingham Forest. The winning team were The Snakes so congratulations and good luck in the final!


Today, representatives from the NSPCC came to talk to the children about staying safe and speaking out. The children learnt the number for Childline and what to do if they are a victim of abuse. The children worked well in groups to discuss problems and have activities to take home to remind them about speaking out and staying safe.